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Charles Simeon Commentary - Hosea

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Discourse Text Subject Hosea 1142. Hos_2:6-7. God corrects and reclaims his People 1143. Hos_2:14-15. God’s Dealings with Penitents 1144. Hos_2:19-20. God betrothing us to Himself 1145. Hos_3:5. The Restoration of the Jews 1146. Hos_4:6. Ignorance destructive 1147. Hos_4:16. The Evil and Danger of Backsliding 1148. Hos_4:17. The Danger of spiritual Idolatry 1149. Hos_5:4. Extent and Causes of Men’s Supineness 1150. Hos_5:5. The Danger of Pride 1151. Hos_5:13. The Folly of Creature-confidence 1152. Hos_5:15. Spiritual Desertion 1153. Hos_6:1. Characteristic Marks of true Penitence 1154. Hos_6:3. The Effects of Diligence in Religion 1155. Hos_6:4. Man’s Instability & God’s Forbearance 1156. Hos_6:6. Mercy before Sacrifice 1157. Hos_6:7. Our Transgressions of the Covenant 1158. Hos_7:2. The Folly of Inconsideration 1159. Hos_7:8-9. Causes of spiritual Decay 1160. Hos_7:13. Danger of an Unconverted State 1161. Hos_7:14. Prayers of unregenerate Men considered 1162. Hos_8:2-3. The Danger of false Confidence 1163. Hos_8:5. Extent of Christian Innocence 1164. Hos_8:7. The Consequences of Sin 1165. Hos_8:12. Men’s Disregard of the Gospel 1166. Hos_9:12. Misery of a deserted People 1167. Hos_10:1. Bringing forth Fruit to ourselves 1168. Hos_10:12. The Duty of seeking God 1169. Hos_11:1. Christ called out of Egypt 1170. Hos_11:4. Manner in which God draws his People 1171. Hos_11:7-9. God’s Campassion 1172. Hos_12:3-4; Hos_12:6. Jacob wrestling with the Angel 1173. Hos_13:4. Jehovah alone deserving of Confidence 1174. Hos_13:9. Help in Christ for self-destroyed Sinners 1175. Hos_14:1-3. Directions for an Approach to God. 1176. Hos_14:4. Blessings that Penitents may expect. 1177. Hos_14:5-7. The Fruits of God’s Favour 1178. Hos_14:8. God’s Notice of Penitents. 1179. Hos_14:9. Spiritual Knowledge of God’s People