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Charles Simeon Commentary - Isaiah

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Discourse Text Subject Isaiah 856. Isa_1:2-3. God’s Complaint against his People 857. Isa_1:4-5. The Sinfulness of the Nation 858. Isa_1:10-17. Service which alone is pleasing to God 859. Isa_1:18. Crimson Sins made White 860. Isa_1:25. God purifying his People 861. Isa_2:5. Exhortation to a Holy Walk 862. Isa_3:10-11. Final State of Man 863. Isa_4:5. God the Protector of his Church 864. Isa_5:3-5. God’s Appeal to Man’s Decision 865. Isa_5:20. Sinfulness of confounding Good and Evil 866. Isa_6:5-7. Isaiah’s Vision of Christ 867. Isa_6:8. A Missionary Spirit described 868. Isa_8:12-14. God the only proper Object of Fear 869. Isa_8:18. Believers are for Signs and Wonders 870. Isa_8:19. Seeking after God 871. Isa_9:2-4. Blessings imparted by the Gospel 872. Isa_9:6. Christ’s Incarnation and Character 873. Isa_9:13. Impenitence under Divine Chastisements 874. Isa_10:12-17. Abasement of the Assyrian Monarch 875. Isa_11:2-3. Christ’s Qualifications for his Office 876. Isa_11:6-9. Change to be wrought in the latter Day 877. Isa_11:9. The Millennium 878. Isa_11:10. Christ a Standard for the Gentiles 879. Isa_12:1-2. The Believer’s Song 880. Isa_12:3. The Wells of Salvation 881. Isa_12:3-6. The Believer’s Song 882. Isa_14:2. The Christian Warfare 883. Isa_14:27. Immutability of God’s Counsels 884. Isa_14:32. God’s Church and People secure 885. Isa_19:20. Christ a great Saviour 886. Isa_19:24-25. The Conversion of Jews and Gentiles 887. Isa_21:11-12. Profane Scoffers instructed 888. Isa_22:12-14. Unconcern amidst Calls to Repentance 889. Isa_22:24. Eliakim a Type of Christ 890. Isa_24:23. The Reign of Christ glorious 891. Isa_25:4. Christ a suitable and all-sufficient Help 892. Isa_25:6-8. The Gospel a Source of richest Blessings 893. Isa_25:9. Christ’s Advent a Ground of Joy 894. Isa_26:3-4. Trust in God recommended 895. Isa_26:13. Humiliation with Zeal 896. Isa_26:20-21. The only Refuge of Sinners


Discourse Text Subject Isaiah 897. Isa_27:3. God’s Care for his Church 898. Isa_27:6. The future Prosperity of Israel 899. Isa_27:12-13. Conversion of the Jews gradual 900. Isa_28:5. The Felicity of God’s People 901. Isa_29:17. The Millennial Period fast approaching 902. Isa_29:18-19. The Gospel a Source of Blessings to Mankind 903. Isa_30:7. Confidence in God recommended 904. Isa_30:26. Benefits arising from God’s Return to the Soul 905. Isa_31:4-5. God the Protector of his People 906. Isa_32:2. Security and Comfort in Christ 907. Isa_32:16-17. The Work of Righteousness is Peace 908. Isa_33:6. The Use and Excellency of True Wisdom 909. Isa_33:16. Protection promised to the Godly 910. Isa_33:20-22. The Church’s Security 911. Isa_33:23. Encouragement to the Weak 912. Isa_35:1-2. Glorious Prospects of the Gospel Church 913. Isa_35:3-4. Encouragement to the Weak 914. Isa_35:5-7. Streams in the Desert 915. Isa_35:8-10. The Way to Zion 916. Isa_38:14. Help for us in God 917. Isa_38:17. Forgiveness known and enjoyed 918. Isa_38:19. Praising God for his Mercies 919. Isa_38:20. Hezekiah’s Thanksgiving for his Recovery 920. Isa_40:1-2. The Scope and Tendency of the Gospel 921. Isa_40:6-8. The Immutability of the Gospel 922. Isa_40:9. The Messiah’s Advent 923. Isa_40:11. Christ’s Care for his Sheep 924. Isa_40:27-31. The Desponding encouraged 925. Isa_41:10. The weak Believer comforted 926. Isa_41:14-16. The Worm Jacob threshing the Mountains 927. Isa_41:17-18. Consolation for the Desponding 928. Isa_42:5-7. Christ’s Commission 929. Isa_42:16. God’s Dealings with his People opened 930. Isa_43:1-3. God’s Care for his People 931. Isa_43:4. The Blessedness of the True Christian 932. Isa_43:12. The Saints are Witnesses for God 933. Isa_43:20. God’s Kindness to his People 934. Isa_43:22-26. The Greatness of God’s Mercy 935. Isa_44:1-5. The Out-Pouring of the Spirit promised 936. Isa_44:20. The Folly of spiritual Idolatry 937. Isa_44:22. The Work of Redemption a Motive to Conversion 938. Isa_44:23. Redemption a Ground of Joy 939. Isa_45:8. The Efficacy of the Gospel 940. Isa_45:9. Striving with our Maker 941. Isa_45:17. The Extent and Certainty of Israel’s Salvation 942. Isa_45:21. Jehovah a just God and a Saviour 943. Isa_45:22. Looking to Christ 944. Isa_45:23-25. Exaltation of Christ 945. Isa_46:3-5. God’s Care for his People 946. Isa_46:12-13. Christ the Salvation of Israel 947. Isa_48:16. Offices of the Holy Trinity in the Work of Redemption 948. Isa_48:17-18. God’s tender Concern for his People 949. Isa_49:6. Christ the Light and Salvation of the Gentiles 950. Isa_49:7. Christ’s future Reign 951. Isa_49:8-10. The Greatness of Christ’s Salvation 952. Isa_49:14-16. God will not forget his People 953. Isa_49:18-23. Promised Increase of the Church 954. Isa_49:24-26. Desponding Fears removed 955. Isa_50:5-9. Messiah’s Sufferings and Support 956. Isa_50:10-11. A Word Season 957. Isa_51:1-3. Consolation for the Afflicted 958. Isa_51:7-8. A Dissuasive from the Fear of Man 959. Isa_52:9-10. The Church pleading with God 960. Isa_52:1-3. Despondency reproved 961. Isa_52:7. The Nature of the Gospel 962. Isa_52:8. The Saint’s Vision of Christ 963. Isa_52:13. Christ rewarded for his Services 964. Isa_52:14-15. The Depth of our Saviour’s Humiliation 965. Isa_52:15. The Means and Evidence of Conversion 966. Isa_53:1. Men’s Neglect of the Gospel 967. Isa_53:2-3. The Characters and Treatment of the Messiah 968. Isa_53:4-5. The True Cause of our Lord’s Suferings 969. Isa_53:6. Means of Man’s Restoration to God 970. Isa_53:7. Christ’s Behaviour under his Sufferings 971. Isa_53:8. Our Lord’s Trial and Execution 972. Isa_53:9-10. The Father’s Conduct towards the innocent Jesus explained and vindicated 973. Isa_53:10. Christ’s Death a Condition of our Salvation 974. Isa_53:11. Christ’s Satisfaction in his People 975. Isa_53:11. Means of our Justification before God 976. Isa_53:12. Fruits of Christ’s Death and Intercession 977. Isa_54:5. Our Maker our Husband 978. Isa_54:6-10. God’s Faithfulness to his Covenant 979. Isa_54:13. Peace the Fruit of Divine Teaching 980. Isa_54:17. The Saints’ Heritage 981. Isa_55:1-3. The Blessings of the Gospel 982. Isa_55:4. Christ a Witness and Commander 983. Isa_55:6. Of seeking the Lord in time 984. Isa_55:7. Encouragement to turn to God 985. Isa_55:8-9. God’s Ways above ours Isa_55:10-11. Resemblance of the Gospel to Rain and Snow 987. Isa_55:12-13. The Change wrought by the Gospel 988. Isa_56:4-7. Acceptance for all sincere Worshippers 989. Isa_57:15. The Majesty and Holiness of Gad 990. Isa_57:17-18. God’s Mercy to obstinate Sinners 991. Isa_57:20-21. No Peace to the Wicked 992. Isa_58:1. The Ministerial Office 993. Isa_58:5-11. The Services which God requires 994. Isa_58:13-14. Observance of the Sabbath enjoined 995. Isa_59:8. No Peace in the Way of Sin 996. Isa_59:15. The Righteous a Prey to the Wicked 997. Isa_59:19. The Means of spiritual Victory 998. Isa_59:20-21. The Perpetuity of Christ’s Kingdom 999. Isa_60:1. Our Duty arising from the Advent of Christ 1000. Isa_60:8. Millennial Piety described 1001. Isa_60:13. Excellency of the Church of Christ 1002. Isa_60:15; Isa_60:10. Future Prosperity of the Jewish Church 1003. Isa_60:19-20. The Church’s Prosperity 1004. Isa_61:1-3. Christ’s Commission 1005. Isa_61:9. Blessedness of the Lord’s People 1006. Isa_61:10. The Believer clad with the Garments of Salvation 1007. Isa_61:11. The Conversion of the World promised 1008. Isa_62:3. The Church a Royal Diadem 1009. Isa_62:5. God’s Delight in his People 1010. Isa_62:6-7. Duty of interceding for the Church 1011. Isa_62:10-12. Restoration of the Jews 1012. Isa_63:1. Messiah’s Triumphs 1013. Isa_63:7. The Loving-kindness of the Lord 1014. Isa_63:8; Isa_63:10. Vexing the Holy Spirit 1015. Isa_63:9. The Love of God towards his People 1016. Isa_63:11-14. God contemplated 1017. Isa_63:15-16. Pleading with God 1018. Isa_64:6. Imperfection of our best Services 1019. Isa_64:7. The Consequences of neglecting Prayer 1020. Isa_65:12-14. Danger of disregarding God 1021. Isa_65:17-18. The new Heavens and the new Earth 1022. Isa_65:24. The Efficacy of Prayer 1023. Isa_66:2. The Poor and Contrite the Objecte of God’s Favour 1024. Isa_66:10-13. God delights to comfort his People 1025. Isa_66:18-20. The Jews to convert the Gentiles