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Charles Simeon Commentary - James

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Discourse Text Subject James 2352. Jam_1:2-4. The Duty of Patience 2353. Jam_1:5-6. The Way to obtain true Wisdom 2354. Jam_1:8. The double-minded Man exposed 2355. Jam_1:9-10. The Effects of Religion on the different Orders of Society 2356. Jam_1:12. The Testimony of God respecting his tempted People 2357. Jam_1:13-15. Sin, the Offspring of our own Hearts 2358. Jam_1:16-17. God the only Source of all Good 2359. Jam_1:18. Regeneration—its Author, Means, and End 2360. Jam_1:25. The Reward of obeying the Gospel 2361. Jam_1:26. Self-deceit exposed 2362. Jam_1:27. Pure and undefiled Religion described 2363. Jam_2:5. God’s Regard for the Poor 2364. Jam_2:12. The Law of Liberty 2365. Jam_2:24. Justification by Works explained 2366. Jam_3:2. The best of Men but weak and frail 2367. Jam_3:6. The Evils of the Tongue 2368. Jam_3:13. Influence of Wisdom upon the Conduct 2369. Jam_3:17. The Nature of true Religion 2370. Jam_4:4. Friendship of the World is Enmity with God 2371. Jam_4:8-10. Repentance urged 2372. Jam_4:13-14. The Folly of undue Security 2373. Jam_4:17. Sins of Omission considered 2374. Jam_5:7-8. Patient Perseverance urged 2375. Jam_5:9. Nearness of Judgment 2376. Jam_5:11. The Patience of Job 2377. Jam_5:16. The Efficacy of fervent Prayer 2378. Jam_5:19-20. Conversion of a Sinner a great Benefit