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Charles Simeon Commentary - Jeremiah

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Discourse Text Subject Jeremiah 1026. Jer_2:4-6. The Ingratitude of Men 1027. Jer_2:12-13. The Fountain of living Waters 1028. Jer_2:19. The Evil of Backsliding 1029. Jer_2:23-24. Self-Vindicating Sinners reproved 1030. Jer_2:27-28. The Folly of neglecting God 1031. Jer_2:31-32. God’s Complaint against the Rebellious 1032. Jer_3:11. Comparative Criminality 1033. Jer_3:12-15. God’s Invitation to his People 1034. Jer_3:19. The true Source of Salvation 1035. Jer_3:22. Invitation to Backsliders 1036. Jer_4:3-4. Repentance the Means of preventing Ruin 1037. Jer_4:14. The Importance of suppressing vain Thoughts 1038. Jer_4:19. The Miseries of War 1039. Jer_5:23-24. God’s Bounties and our Ingratitude 1040. Jer_6:16. The good old Way 1041. Jer_8:4-8. Expostulation with the Impenitent 1042. Jer_8:11. Healing our Wounds slightly 1043. Jer_8:20-22. The Remedy for those who have lost their Seasons of Grace 1044. Jer_8:22. Christ our Physician 1045. Jer_9:3. Fortitude recommended on the Side of Truth 1046. Jer_9:23-24. True and sufficient Grounds of Glorying 1047. Jer_13:11. The Contempt with which God’s richest Mercies are treated 1048. Jer_13:15-17. A Call to Repentance 1049. Jer_13:23. The Power of evil Habits 1050. Jer_13:27. God is desirous of saving Men 1051. Jer_14:7. God’s Name the Sinner’s Plea 1052. Jer_14:7-9. A Pattern for National Humiliation 1053. Jer_14:20-21. How to plead with God 1054. Jer_15:16. The Word of God precious 1055. Jer_17:5-8. The Duty of trusting in God 1056. Jer_17:9. Necessity of knowing Ourselves 1057. Jer_17:10. God’s Rule of Judgment 1058. Jer_18:6. The Potter’s Power over the Clay 1059. Jer_20:9. A Soul under Discouragement 1060. Jer_23:6. The Lord our Righteousness 1061. Jer_23:23-24. The Omnipresence of God 1062. Jer_23:28-29. Fidelity required in Ministers 1063. Jer_25:5-6. Religion is not a Source of Evil to those who embrace it 1064. Jer_29:11; Jer_29:13. God will be found of sincere Worshippers 1065. Jer_30:10-11. God’s gracious Designs towards his chosen People 1066. Jer_30:17. The Conversion of the Jews—our Duty to promote it 1067. Jer_30:21. God’s Regard for those who approach unto Him 1068. Jer_31:3. Gracious Influences the Fruit of electing Love 1069. Jer_31:7-9. The Restoration of the Jews 1070. Jer_31:8-9. The Christian Pilgrims 1071. Jer_31:10-14. The preached Gospel a Source of Blessings to the World 1072. Jer_31:18-20. The Reflections of a Penitent 1073. Jer_31:30 The sure Consequences of sin 1074. Jer_31:31-34. The New Covenant 1075. Jer_31:35-37. The Church’s Security 1076. Jer_32:37-42. The future Conversion of the Jews 1077. Jer_32:39-41. Salvation is of God from first to last 1078. Jer_33:3. The Importance of Prayer 1079. Jer_33:6-9. Conversion of the Jews—a Matter of Importance to God and Man 1080. Jer_35:13-14. Disobedience to God condemned 1081. Jer_36:27-28. Jehoiakim burns the sacred Roll 1082. Jer_42:20-21. Dissimulation reproved 1083. Jer_44:16-17. The Impiety of ungodly Men 1084. Jer_45:5. We must not seek great Things 1085. Jer_47:6-7. The Means of terminating War 1086. Jer_50:4-5. Repentance described 1087. Jer_50:20. God’s Mercy to his People 1088. Jer_51:5. God’s Mercy contrasted with our Sinfulness 1089. Jer_51:10. Duty of acknowledging God’s Mercies