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Charles Simeon Commentary - John

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Discourse Text Subject John 1594. Joh_1:1. Divinity of Christ 1595. Joh_1:9. Christ the only true Light 1596. Joh_1:10-12. Benefit of receiving Christ 1597. Joh_1:13. Christians born of God 1598. Joh_1:14. Incarnation and Character of Christ 1599. Joh_1:16. The Believer’s Interest in Christ’s Fulness 1600. Joh_1:18. The Manifestation which Christ has given of the Father 1601. Joh_1:29. Christ the Lamb of God 1602. Joh_1:45. Sight of Jesus a Source of Joy 1603. Joh_1:46. Evil, and Cure, of Prejudice 1604. Joh_1:47. An Israelite indeed 1605. Joh_2:11. The Water turned into Wine 1606. Joh_2:17. Buyers and Sellers driven out 1607. Joh_2:18-19. The Resurrection a Proof of Christ’s Messiahship 1608. Joh_3:3. Nature and Necessity of Regeneration 1609. Joh_3:14-15. The brazen Serpent a Type of Christ 1610. Joh_3:16. The Love of God in giving his Son for Man 1611. Joh_3:17. The End for which God sent his Son 1612. Joh_3:19-21. Men’s Hatred of the Light 1613. Joh_3:29-30. Conversion of Souls a Ground of Joy 1614. Joh_3:36. The Necessity of Faith in Christ 1615. Joh_4:10. Christ a Fountain of Living Water 1616. Joh_4:14. The Living Water 1617. Joh_4:22. Salvation is of the Jews 1618. Joh_4:24. The Worship which God requires 1619. Joh_4:29. Conviction of Sin, a Preparative for Salvation 1620. Joh_4:34. Christ’s Diligence in serving God 1621. Joh_4:35-36. The happy State of the Church 1622. Joh_4:41-42. Conversion of the Samaritans 1623. Joh_4:49-51. The Nobleman’s Son cured 1624. Joh_5:14. The Man healed at the Pool of Bethesda 1625. Joh_5:17-18. Christ’s Equality with the Father 1626. Joh_5:21-23. Christ’s Vindication of his own Divine Character 1627. Joh_5:24. The Believers happy State 1628. Joh_5:28-29. The Resurrection 1629. Joh_5:35. John Baptist’s Character 1630. Joh_5:39. Christ’s Appeal to the Scriptures 1631. Joh_5:40. The true Reason of Men’s Destruction 1632. Joh_5:42. Men’s Want of Love to God 1633. Joh_5:44. Faith incompatible with the Love of Man’s Applause 1634. Joh_5:45-46. Unbelief rebuked 1635. Joh_6:14. Christ’s Messiahship proved 1636. Joh_6:27. Labouring for Heaven 1637. Joh_6:28-29. The Necessity of Faith in Christ 1638. Joh_6:34. The Living Bread 1639. Joh_6:37. Christ’s Willingness to receive Sinners 1640. Joh_6:44. Man’s Inability to come to Christ 1641. Joh_6:53-55. Importance of living by Faith on Christ 1642. Joh_6:60. The Gospel, a Ground of Offence 1643. Joh_6:67-69. Christ the one Source of Eternal Life 1644. Joh_6:67-69. No Saviour but the Lord Jesus 1645. Joh_6:70. One of the Apostles a Devil 1646. Joh_7:17. Connexion between Piety and Knowledge 1647. Joh_7:36. Christ may be sought too late 1648. Joh_7:37-38. Christ’s Offer of the Spirit 1649. Joh_8:10-11. Woman taken in Adultery dismissed 1650. Joh_8:12. Christ the Light of the World 1651. Joh_8:21. Meetness for Heaven necessary 1652. Joh_8:24. Danger of rejecting Christ 1653. Joh_8:36. The Liberty which Christ gives his People 1654. Joh_8:39. The true Children of Abraham 1655. Joh_8:42. Love to Christ a Test of our Relation to God 1656. Joh_8:46. Unbelief traced to its Source 1657. Joh_8:56. Abraham’s Views of Christ 1658. Joh_9:4. The Need of working whilst it is Day 1659. Joh_9:6-7. The Blind Man healed at the Pool of Siloam 1660. Joh_9:35-38. Proper Disposition to be exercised towards the Gospel 1661. Joh_9:39. Discriminating Effects of the Gospel 1662. Joh_10:9. The Good Shepherd 1663. Joh_10:10. Life abundantly by Christ 1664. Joh_10:17-18. Voluntariness of Christ’s Undertaking 1665. Joh_10:27-28. Security of Christ’s Sheep 1666. Joh_10:30. Christ One with the Father 1667. Joh_11:25-26. Christ, the Resurrection and the Life 1668. Joh_11:35. Sympathy 1669. Joh_11:40. Lazarus raised 1670. Joh_11:51-52. The prophetic Counsel of Caiaphas 1671. Joh_12:23-24. Our Lord’s Views of his own Death 1672. Joh_12:26. The Benefit of following Christ 1673. Joh_12:27-28. Christ’s Resignation 1674. Joh_12:31-32. The Effects of Christ’s Death 1675. Joh_12:35; Joh_12:30. The Duty of walking in the Light 1676. Joh_12:42-43. Danger of loving the Praise of Men 1677. Joh_12:48. Men judged by the Gospel CONTENTS TO VOL. XIV

Discourse Text Subject John 1678. Joh_13:12-15. Christ’s Condescension 1679. Joh_13:17. Practical Religion enforced 1680. Joh_13:18. Ingratitude depicted 1681. Joh_13:31-32. God glorified in his Son 1682. Joh_14:1. Faith an Antidote to all Trouble 1683. Joh_14:2-3. Comfort derived from Christ’s Ascension 1684. Joh_14:6. No Way to God but through Christ 1685. Joh_14:8-11. Christ one with the Father 1686. Joh_14:13-14. Christ engages to answer Prayer 1687. Joh_14:15-17. Gift of the Spirit encourages obedience 1688. Joh_14:19. Our Life dependent on the Life of Christ 1689. Joh_14:21. Obedience the Test of our Love to Christ 1690. Joh_15:1-2. Christians Branches of the True Vine 1691. Joh_15:5. Our Impotency without Christ 1692. Joh_15:8. Fruitfulness in good Works. 1693. Joh_15:9. The Father’s Lone to Christ and Christ’s to us 1694. Joh_15:11. Christianity promotes Happiness 1695. Joh_15:12. Love to the Brethren 1696. Joh_15:15. Christ’s Followers his Friends 1697. Joh_15:16. The Doctrine of Election explained 1698. Joh_15:18-20. Consolation to the Persecuted 1699. Joh_15:22. The great Sin of rejecting Christ 1700. Joh_15:23. Hatred of Christ is Hatred of the Father 1701. Joh_15:26. Personality and Office of the Holy Spirit 1702. Joh_16:8-11. Offices of the Holy Spirit 1703. Joh_16:14. Office of the Spirit to glorify Christ 1704. Joh_16:24. The Benefit of Prayer 1705. Joh_16:27. The Objects of the Father’s love 1706. Joh_16:31. Inquiry into the reality of our Faith 1707. Joh_17:1. Christ’s Prayer to be glorified on Earth 1708. Joh_17:2. Christ’s Power to give Eternal Life 1709. Joh_17:4-5. Our Lord’s dying Appeal to God. 1710. Joh_17:9-10. Objects of our Lord’s Intercession 1711. Joh_17:15. Preservation from Sin most desirable 1712. Joh_17:16. Christians are not of the World 1713. Joh_17:19. The End for which Christ dedicated himself to God 1714. Joh_17:20-21. Importance of Union among Christians 1715. Joh_17:22. Glory which Christ gives to his People 1716. Joh_17:24. Christ’s Intercession 1717. Joh_18:4-9. Christ’s Enemies smitten down 1718. Joh_18:19-23. Jesus smitten before the High-priest 1719. Joh_18:37. Christ’s good Confession 1720. Joh_18:38. Pilate’s Inquiry about Truth 1721. Joh_19:5. Pilate’s further Attempt to save Jesus 1722. Joh_19:19-22. The Superscription affixed to the Cross 1723. Joh_19:23-24. Casting Lots for our Lord’s Vesture 1724. Joh_19:26-27. Jesus commend his Mother to John’s care 1725. Joh_19:28-30. Our Saviour’s Death 1726. Joh_19:30. Christ’s Work finished 1727. Joh_19:31-37. The Treatment of our Lord’s Body 1728. Joh_19:38-42. The Burial of Jesus 1729. Joh_19:39. Character of Nicodemus 1730. Joh_20:8-9. The Resurrection of Christ 1731. Joh_20:21-23. Inspiration of the Apostles 1732. Joh_20:27-28. Thomas’s Unbelief reproved 1733. Joh_20:30-31. Use and Intent of car Lord’s Miracles 1734. Joh_21:17. Inquiries about Love to Christ