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Charles Simeon Commentary - Joshua

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Discourse Text Subject Joshua 243. Jos_1:7-9. Christian Fortitude 244. Jos_2:8-14. Rahab protects the Spies 245. Jos_4:20-24. The Passage of Jordan commemorated 246. Jos_5:8-10. Israel’s first Proceedings in Canaan 247. Jos_5:13-14. Christ the Captain of the Lord’s Host 248. Jos_6:20-21. The Taking of Jericho 249. Jos_7:8. Israel discomforted by the Men of Ai 250. Jos_7:19-20. Achan’s Guilt and Punishment 251. Jos_8:26. Persevering Zeal recommended 252. Jos_9:15. Joshua’s League with Gibeon 253. Jos_10:24-25. Joshua’s Victory over the confederate Kings 254. Jos_11:23. The Conquest and Partition of Canaan 255. Jos_18:3. sloth and Lukewarmness reproved 256. Jos_22:4-5. The Disbanding of the Troops of Israel 257. Jos_22:11-12. The Altar of Witness 258. Jos_23:10-11. God’s Interpositions for us are Obligations to love and serve Him 259. Jos_23:14. God’s Faithfulness to his promises 260. Jos_24:21-27. Joshua’s Covenant with Israel to serve the Lord