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Charles Simeon Commentary - Leviticus

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Leviticus Discourse Text Subject 119. Lev_1:3-4. The Burnt-Offering 120. Lev_2:1-3. The Meat-Offering 121. Lev_2:13. The Meat-Offering a Type of Christ 122. Lev_2:14-16. Green Ears of Corn to be offered 123. Lev_5:5-6. The Sin and Trespass-Offerings compared 124. Lev_5:17-19. The Trespass-Offering a Type of Christ 125. Lev_6:13. Fire on the Altar not to go out 126. Lev_7:11. The Peace-Offering 127. Lev_9:23-24. God’s Acceptance of the Sacrifices 128. Lev_10:1-3. Death of Nadab and Abihu 129. Lev_13:45-46. The Laws relating to Leprosy 130. Lev_14:4-9. Purification of the Leper 131. Lev_14:14-18. The Cleansing of the Leper 132. Lev_16:21-22. The Scape-Goat a Type of Christ 133. Lev_16:29-30; Lev_16:33. Duties required on the great Day of Atonement 134. Lev_17:10-12. The Prohibition to eat Blood 135. Lev_23:15-17. Feast of First-Fruits 136. Lev_23:23-25. The Feast of Trumpets 137. Lev_23:39-43. Feast of Tabernacles 138. Lev_24:1-3. The Golden Candlestick 139. Lev_24:5-9. The Shew-Bread 140. Lev_24:13-15. The Blasphemer stoned 141. Lev_25:9-11. The Jubilee a Type of the Gospel 142. Lev_25:20-22. The Sabbatical Year 143. Lev_26:40-42. God’s Promises to Penitents