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Charles Simeon Commentary - Luke

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Discourse Text Subject Luke 1466. Luk_1:17. John the Forerunner of Jesus 1467. Luk_1:35; Luk_1:38. The Angel’s Message to Mary 1468. Luk_1:46-47. The Virgin’s Song of Praise 1469. Luk_1:67-75. The Song of Zacharias 1470. Luk_1:78-79. Causes of our Saviour’s Incarnation 1471. Luk_2:10-11. Christ’s Incarnation glad Tidings to all 1472. Luk_2:13-14. The Angel’s Song 1473. Luk_2:15. Inquiry into the Gospel recommended 1474. Luk_2:21. The Circumcision of Christ 1475. Luk_2:22-24. Presentation of Christ in the Temple 1476. Luk_2:25. Christ the Consolation of Israel 1477. Luk_2:28-32. Testimony borne to Jesus in the Temple 1478. Luk_2:34-35. The Ends and Effects of Christ’s Exhibition to the World 1479. Luk_2:49. Christ’s early Habits 1480. Luk_3:4-6. Ministry of John the Baptist 1481. Luk_3:10-11. Liberality to the Poor 1482. Luk_3:10-14. Practical Duties enforced 1483. Luk_3:19-20. The Imprisonment of John 1484. Luk_3:21-22. The Descent of the Spirit upon Christ 1485. Luk_4:21-22. Our Lord’s first Sermon at Nazareth 1486. Luk_4:23. Physician, heal thyself 1487. Luk_4:28-30. Christ escapes from his blood-thirsty Persecutors 1488. Luk_4:33-34. An unclean Spirit cast out 1489. Luk_4:38-39. Peter’s Wife’s Mother cured 1490. Luk_5:8-11. The Draught of Fishes 1491. Luk_5:27-29. The Call of Matthew 1492. Luk_5:36-38. The new Wine and old Bottles 1493. Luk_6:12-13. The Apostles chosen 1494. Luk_6:19. The Analogy between bodily and spiritual Cures 1495. Luk_6:20-26. True Happiness stated 1496. Luk_6:39. The Blind leading the Blind 1497. Luk_6:43-45. The Tree known by its Fruits 1498. Luk_6:46. The Folly of a fruitless Profession 1499. Luk_7:6-7. The Centurion’s Servant healed 1500. Luk_7:14-16. The Widow’s Son raised 1501. Luk_7:31-32; Luk_7:35. The perverse Children 1502. Luk_7:40-42. The Insolvent Debtors 1503. Luk_7:50. The Sinner’s Faith 1504. Luk_8:16-18. The lighted Candle 1505. Luk_8:18. Directions how to hear Sermons 1506. Luk_8:50. Jairus’ Daughter healed 1507. Luk_9:12-13. The Five Thousand fed 1508. Luk_9:29-32. The Transfiguration of Christ 1509. Luk_9:55. Against mistaking our own Spirit 1510. Luk_9:57-62. Appropriate Addresses to distinct Characters 1511. Luk_9:62. Against a Disposition to relinquish the Lord’s Service 1512. Luk_10:10-16. The Danger of rejecting the Gospel 1513. Luk_10:20. The Enrolment of our Names in Heaven, a Ground of Joy 1514. Luk_10:21. The Gospel revealed to Babes 1515. Luk_10:23-24. The Blessings of a preached Gospel 1516. Luk_10:30-35. The good Samaritan 1517. Luk_10:41-42. Martha and Mary compared 1518. Luk_10:42. One Thing needful 1519. Luk_11:1. Forms of Prayer, good 1520. Luk_11:5-8. The Force of Importunity 1521. Luk_11:9-10. Importunity encouraged 1522. Luk_11:21-22. The strong Man armed 1523. Luk_11:27-28. The Blessedness of the true Christian 1524. Luk_12:1. Caution against Hypocrisy 1525. Luk_12:4-5. God to be feared, but not Man 1526. Luk_12:15. Caution against Covetousness 1527. Luk_12:20-21. The Rich Fool 1528. Luk_12:32. The Privileges of Christ’s Flock 1529. Luk_12:35-37. The watchful Servant 1530. Luk_12:47-48. Punishment proportioned to Desert 1531. Luk_12:50. The bloody Baptism of our Lord 1532. Luk_12:57. Judging what is right 1533. Luk_13:5. Repentance 1534. Luk_13:7-9. The barren Fig-tree 1535. Luk_13:15-16. The infirm Woman cured 1536. Luk_13:30. The Last first, and the First last 1537. Luk_14:1-4. The Man cured of the Dropsy 1538. Luk_14:7-10. The Ambitious Guest 1539. Luk_14:12-14. Liberality to the Poor recommended 1540. Luk_14:16-18. The great Supper 1541. Luk_14:28-33. The foolish Builder and the inconsiderate King 1542. Luk_15:3-7. The lost Sheep 1543. Luk_15:8-10. The lost Piece of Silver 1544. Luk_15:10. Angels rejoice over Penitents 1545. Luk_15:23-24. The Prodigal Son 1546. Luk_15:28. The Prodigal’s elder Brother 1547. Luk_16:8. The Unjust Steward 1548. Luk_16:16. Pressing into the Kingdom 1549. Luk_16:25. The Rich Man and Lazarus 1550. Luk_16:29-31. The hopeless State of those who Disregard the Scriptures CONTENTS TO VOL. XIII

Discourse Text Subject Luke 1551. Luk_17:5-6 The Importance of Faith 1552. Luk_17:10. The obedient Servant 1553. Luk_17:17-18. The ten Lepers healed 1554. Luk_17:26-30. Suddenness of Christ’s Second Coming 1555. Luk_17:32. Lot’s Wife 1556. Luk_18:1. The Duty of persevering in Prayer 1557. Luk_18:6-8. The Importunate Widow 1558. Luk_18:13-14. The Pharisee and the Publican 1559. Luk_18:31-34. Christ foretells his own Sufferings 1560. Luk_19:9. The Conversion of Zaccheus 1561. Luk_19:10. The End for which the Son of Man came 1562. Luk_19:12-13. The Pounds 1563. Luk_19:12; Luk_19:14. The rebellious Citizens 1564. Luk_19:26. Talents lost, if not improved 1565. Luk_19:27. Christ’s Enemies warned 1566. Luk_19:37-38. Our Lord’s triumphant Entry into Jerusalem 1567. Luk_19:40. Our Duty towards the Lord Jesus 1568. Luk_19:41-42. Christ’s Compassion to lost Sinners 1569. Luk_20:15. The wicked Husbandmen 1570. Luk_20:17-18. The rejected Corner-stone 1571. Luk_21:17-19. Encouragement to bear Persecution 1572. Luk_21:29-31. The budding Fig-tree 1573. Luk_22:14-16. Our Lord’s eating the last Passover with his Disciples 1574. Luk_22:22. The Circumstances of our Lord’s Death fore-ordained 1575. Luk_22:28-30. Reward of Faithfulness 1576. Luk_22:31-32. Means of Security from Satan’s Malice 1577. Luk_22:39-46. Christ’s Sufferings in the Garden 1578. Luk_22:48. The Treason of Judas 1579. Luk_22:50-51. The healing of Malchus’ Ear 1580. Luk_22:61-62. Peter’s Fall and Repentance 1581. Luk_23:1-3. Christ’s Accusation before Pilate 1582. Luk_23:12. Herod’s Reconciliation with Pilate 1583. Luk_23:13-25. Barabbas spared and Christ condemned 1584. Luk_23:27-31. Christ’s Address to the Women who lamented him 1585. Luk_23:31. The green and dry Tree 1586. Luk_23:34. Christ interceding for his Enemies 1587. Luk_23:42-43. Our Lord’s Answer to the penitent Thief 1588. Luk_23:47-48. The Effect of Christ’s Death on the Beholders 1589. Luk_24:26. The Necessity of Christ’s Sufferings and Exaltation 1590. Luk_24:32. Blessedness of Communion with Christ 1591. Luk_24:33-34. Christ’s Resurrection 1592. Luk_24:46-47. The Gospel to be first preached at Jerusalem 1593. Luk_24:50-53. The Ascension of Christ