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Charles Simeon Commentary - Matthew

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Discourse Text Subject Matthew 1278. Mat_1:21-23. Import of the Names given to Christ 1279. Mat_2:1-2. The Wise Men seeking Christ 1280. Mat_2:10. The Joy of the Magi 1281. Mat_2:16; Mat_2:18. The Slaughter of the Infants 1282. Mat_3:7-10. John’s Address to those who came to be baptized of him 1283. Mat_3:11. The Baptism of the Spirit 1284. Mat_3:12. The Issue of the final Judgement 1285. Mat_3:15. Fulfilling all Righteousuness 1286. Mat_4:1. Christ’s Temptation 1287. Mat_4:18-22. The Call of four Apostles 1288. Mat_5:1-4. The Blessedness of the Humble 1289. Mat_5:5. Christian Meekness 1290. Mat_5:6. Hungering and Thirsting after Righteousness 1291. Mat_5:7. The Reward of Mercifulness 1292. Mat_5:8. Purity of Heart 1293. Mat_5:9. The Peace-makers 1294. Mat_5:10-12. Persecution for Righteousness Sake 1295. Mat_5:13. Christians the Salt of the Earth 1296. Mat_5:14-16. Christians the Light of the World 1297. Mat_5:17-18. The Law and the Prophets confirmed 1298. Mat_5:19. The Danger of little Sins 1299. Mat_5:20. Evangelic and Pharisaic Righteousness compared 1300. Mat_5:21-22. Christ’s Exposition of the Sixth Commandment 1301. Mat_5:23-24. Necessity of Reconciliation with Men 1302. Mat_5:25-26. Importance of Reconciliation with God 1303. Mat_5:27-28. Our Lord’s Exposition of the Seventh Commandment 1304. Mat_5:29-30. The Necessity of mortifying every Sin 1305. Mat_5:31-32. Divorces forbidden 1306. Mat_5:33-37. Swearing forbidden 1307. Mat_5:38-41. Retaliation forbidden 1308. Mat_5:42. Liberality enjoined 1309. Mat_5:43-48. Love to Enemies enjoined 1310. Mat_5:47. Christians do more than others 1311. Mat_6:1-4. Directions respecting Alms-deeds 1312. Mat_6:5-8. Directions respecting Prayer 1313. Mat_6:9. Hallowing God’s Name 1314. Mat_6:10. The Lord’s Prayer 1315. Mat_6:11. The Lord’s Prayer 1316. Mat_6:12. The Lord’s Prayer 1317. Mat_6:13. The Lord’s Prayer 1318. Mat_6:13. The Lord’s Prayer 1319. Mat_6:14-15. A forgiving Spirit necessary to our Acceptance with God 1320. Mat_6:16-18. Directions respecting Fasting 1321. Mat_6:19-21. Laying up Treasures in Heaven 1322. Mat_6:22-23. The Single Eye 1323. Mat_6:24. The Services of God and Mammon inconsistent 1324. Mat_6:25-34. Against Carefulness 1325. Mat_7:1-2. Against uncharitable judging 1326. Mat_7:3; Mat_7:6. The Beam and the Mote 1327. Mat_7:6. Caution to be used in reproving 1328. Mat_7:7-8. The Importance and Efficacy of Prayer 1329. Mat_7:9-11. God’s Readiness to give his Holy Spirit 1330. Mat_7:12. The doing as we would be done unto. 1331. Mat_7:13-14. The Strait and Narrow Ways 1332. Mat_7:15-20. Men known by their Fruits 1333. Mat_7:21-23. Nature and Importance of true Religion 1334. Mat_7:24-27. The Wise Builder 1335. Mat_7:28-29. The Effect of our Lord’s Preaching 1336. Mat_8:19-22. How we are to follow Christ 1337. Mat_8:27. Christ stilleth the Tempest 1338. Mat_9:13. Mercy before Sacrifice 1339. Mat_9:28-30. Two Blind Men healed 1340. Mat_9:36-38. Our Duty to the benighted World 1341. Mat_10:5-7. Limited Commission of the Apostles 1342. Mat_10:8. Diffusion of the Gospel, a Duty 1343. Mat_10:16. Wisdom and Innocence to be united 1344. Mat_10:22. Enduring unto the End 1345. Mat_10:30. Doctrine of a particular Providence 1346. Mat_10:32-39. The Rule of Christ’s Procedure in the Last Day 1347. Mat_11:4-6. Christ’s Answer to John’s Disciples 1348. Mat_11:11-12. Christ’s Commendation of John 1349. Mat_11:28. The Heavy-laden invited to Christ 1350. Mat_11:29. Christ a meek and lowly Teacher 1351. Mat_12:6. Christ greater than the Temple 1352. Mat_12:18-21. Compassion of Christ towards the Weak 1353. Mat_12:22-23. Blind and dumb Demoniac healed 1354. Mat_12:30. Decided Adherence to Christ 1355. Mat_12:31. The Sin against the Holy Ghost 1356. Mat_12:36-37. Idle Words to be accounted for 1357. Mat_12:39-41. Jonah a Type of Christ 1358. Mat_12:43-45. The Relapsed Demoniac 1359. Mat_12:46-50. Christ’s Regard to his obedient Followers 1360. Mat_13:13-15. The Use and Intent of Parables 1361. Mat_13:18. The Sower 1362. Mat_13:33. Leaven hid in Meal 1363. Mat_13:36. The Tares 1364. Mat_13:44. The Hidden Treasure 1365. Mat_13:45-46. The Pearl of great Price 1366. Mat_13:47-50. The Net 1367. Mat_13:52. The Householder 1368. Mat_14:26-27. Christ walking on the Sea 1369. Mat_14:30-31. Peter saved when sinking in the Sea 1370. Mat_15:7-9. Formal Worshippers, Hypocrites 1371. Mat_15:28. The Daughter of the Canaanitess dispossessed 1372. Mat_15:30-31. Great Multitudes Healed 1373. Mat_16:6. Against Formality and Indifference 1374. Mat_16:15-19. Peter’s Confession rewarded 1375. Mat_16:21-23. Peter’s mistaken Tenderness reproved 1376. Mat_16:24-25. Importance of a Christian’s Duty 1377. Mat_16:26. The Worth of the Soul 1378. Mat_17:10-13. Elijah’s Advent in John Baptist 1379. Mat_17:27. Christ paying the Tribute Money 1380. Mat_18:1-4. A little Child 1381. Mat_18:14. The Security of God’s Children 1382. Mat_18:19-20. The Efficacy of social Prayer 1383. Mat_18:32-35. The Unmerciful Servant 1384. Mat_20:6-7. The Labourers 1385. Mat_21:16. Children vindicated 1386. Mat_21:18-22. The Fig-tree cursed 1387. Mat_21:28-31. The Two Sons 1388. Mat_22:2-3. The Marriage Feast 1389. Mat_22:5. The Sin of making light of Christ 1390. Mat_22:11-13. The Wedding Garment 1391. Mat_22:41-42. An Inquiry into our Views of Christ 1392. Mat_22:42-46. Christ the Son and Lord of David 1393. Mat_23:8. Our Relation to Christ and to each other 1394. Mat_23:37. Christ’s Compassion 1395. Mat_24:12-13. Caution against Declension in Religion 1396. Mat_25:10. The Ten Virgins 1397. Mat_25:22-23. The Talents 1398. Mat_25:34; Mat_25:41; Mat_25:46. The Day of Judgment 1399. Mat_25:35-40. The Importance of Charitable Exertions 1400. Mat_26:24. Fearful Prospect of the Impenitent 1401. Mat_26:29. The Lord’s Supper 1402. Mat_26:53-54. Christ’s Apprehension 1403. Mat_26:56. Christ forsaken by his Disciples 1404. Mat_26:63-66. Our Lord’s Condemnation 1405. Mat_26:67-68. The Indignities offered to Christ 1406. Mat_27:3-5. Imponitence 1407. Mat_27:9-10. The Disposal of the Money paid to the Traitor Judas 1408. Mat_27:24-25. Pilate’s Protest 1409. Mat_27:26-31. The Indignities offered to our Lord 1410. Mat_27:38-44. The Mocking of Christ upon the Cross 1411. Mat_27:45. The Supernatural Darkness 1412. Mat_27:51. Signs attendant on our Lord’s Death 1413. Mat_27:62-66. The Guarding of the Sepulchre 1414. Mat_28:6. The Resurrection 1415. Mat_28:18-20. The Apostles’ Commission