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Charles Simeon Commentary - Micah

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Discourse Text Subject Micah 1204. Mic_2:7. Benefits arising from the Word of God 1205. Mic_3:8. Ministerial Fidelity 1206. Mic_4:1-4. Universal Establishment of Christianity 1207. Mic_4:5. The World’s and the Christian’s God 1208. Mic_5:2. The Messiah to be Born at Bethlehem 1209. Mic_5:4. Stability of Christ’s Kingdom 1210. Mic_5:5. Christ our Peace in Trouble 1211. Mic_5:7. The Jews a Blessing to the World 1212. Mic_6:2-3. God’s Controversy with his People. 1213. Mic_6:6-8. The Sum of Practical Religion 1214. Mic_7:7. Prayer our great Preservative 1215. Mic_7:8-10. Address of the Jewish Church 1216. Mic_7:18-20. The Mercy of God 1217. Mic_7:18-20. God’s Mercy, as reserved for the Jews