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Charles Simeon Commentary - Numbers

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Discourse Text Subject Numbers 144. Num_5:29. The Jealousy-Offering 145. Num_6:21. The Law of Nazarites 146. Num_6:23-27. God will bless his own Ordinances 147. Num_9:21-23. The Journeys of the Israelites 148. Num_10:29. Moses’ Invitation to Hobab 149. Num_10:35-36. Moses’ Prayer at the removal and resting of the Ark 150. Num_11:10-13. Inordinate Desire punished 151. Num_11:23. God’s Word sure 152. Num_11:27-29. Joshua’s Envy reproved 153. Num_12:8-9. Aaron and Miriam reproved 154. Num_14:4-5. Apostasy deprecated 155. Num_14:6-9 The People murmuring at the Report of the Spies 156. Num_14:20-21. God’s answer to the Intercession of Moses 157. Num_14:24. Following the Lord fully 158. Num_14:44. Presumption of the rebellious Israelites 159. Num_15:30-31. The Danger of presumptuous Sin 160. Num_15:32-36. The Sabbath-breaker stoned 161. Num_15:37-41. The Use and Intent of Fringes on the Garments 162. Num_16:38. Korah’s Rebellion 163. Num_16:48. Aaron’s Intercession 164. Num_17:10. Aaron’s Rod that budded 165. Num_19:17-20. The Law of Purification 166. Num_20:12. Moses and Aaron sentenced to die in the Wilderness 167. Num_20:27-28. Death of Aaron 168. Num_21:4. The Israelites discouraged by the way 169. Num_21:8-9. The Brasen Serpent 170. Num_22:18-19. Balaam’s Character 171. Num_22:31. Balaam obstructed by the Angel 172. Num_23:7-10. Balaam’s first Attempt to curse Israel 173. Num_23:18-23. Balaam’s second Attempt to curse Israel 174. Num_23:19. God will fulfil his Word 175. Num_24:5; Num_24:9. Balaam’s third Attempt to curse Israel 176. Num_24:15-17. Christ the Star spoken of by Balaam 177. Num_25:10-13. Phinehas rewarded for his Zeal 178. Num_26:63-65. Perishing of the Israelites in the Wilderness 179. Num_27:15-21. Appointment of Joshua to succeed Moses 180. Num_28:3-10. The Morning and Evening Sacrifice 181. Num_31:48-50. Destruction of the Midianites 182. Num_32:6-7. Moses reproves the Reubenites 183. Num_32:23. The Certainty that Sin will find us out 184. Num_35:24-28. The Cities of Refuge