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Charles Simeon Commentary - Philippians

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Discourse Text Subject Philippians 2135. Php_1:6. A Work of Grace 2136. Php_1:8-11. Growth in Grace 2137. Php_1:17. Decision of Character recommended. 2138. Php_1:18. Preaching of Christ, a Ground of Joy 2139. Php_1:20. Christ magnified in our Body 2140. Php_1:21-24. St. Paul’s Dilemma 2141. Php_1:27. A holy Conversation recommended 2142. Php_1:29. Suffering for Christ’s sake, a Gift of God 2143. Php_2:1-2. Unity recommended 2144. Php_2:3. Esteeming Others above Ourselves 2145. Php_2:5-8. Christ’s Humiliation 2146. Php_2:9-11. The Exaltation of Christ 2147. Php_2:12-13. God assists the Diligent 2148. Php_2:14-16. Practical Religion enforced 2149. Php_2:17-18. Ministerial Zeal depicted 2150. Php_2:21. The Selfishness of Man 2151. Php_3:3. The true Christian delineated 2152. Php_3:7-8. The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ 2153. Php_3:8-9. Christ Gain to the Believer 2154. Php_3:10. The Power of Christ’s Resurrection. 2155. Php_3:13-15. Holy Ambition encouraged 2156. Php_3:17; Php_3:20. Of following good Examples 2157. Php_3:18-19. A Warning to the Earthly-minded 2158. Php_4:1. Steadfastness in God 2159. Php_4:5. Christian Moderation 2160. Php_4:6-7. A Dissuasive from Carefulness 2161. Php_4:8. The Extent of a Christian’s Duty 2162. Php_4:9. Paul an Example for us 2163. Php_4:11-12. Contentment 2164. Php_4:13. Extent and Source of the Christian’s Power 2165. Php_4:19. All needful Supplies through Christ.