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Charles Simeon Commentary - Proverbs

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Discourse Text Subject Proverbs 753. Pro_1:20-31. Attending to God’s gracious Invitations 754. Pro_2:1-6. The Way of attaining Divine Knowledge 755. Pro_2:10-11. Piety a Preservative from Evil 756. Pro_2:10-22. Benefits of true Wisdom 757. Pro_3:5-6. Confidence in God encouraged 758. Pro_3:9-10. The Reward of Charity 759. Pro_3:17. The Pleasantness of Religion 760. Pro_3:21-24. True Religion delineated 36 761. Pro_3:35. The Rewards of Wisdom and of Folly 762. Pro_4:7. Nature and Excellence of true Wisdom 763. Pro_4:18. Christian’s Path compared to the Light 764. Pro_4:23. Keeping the Heart 765. Pro_5:12-13. Sinner’s Retrospect 766. Pro_5:22. The captivating Power of Sin 767. Pro_6:6-10. The Sluggard reproved 768. Pro_7:1-4. Love to the Holy Scriptures inculcated 769. Pro_8:17. Address preparatory to Confirmation 770. Pro_8:29-32. Wisdom’s Address to Men 771. Pro_8:35-36. The Value of true Wisdom 772. Pro_9:1-6. Wisdom’s Feast 773. Pro_10:3. God’s Care for the Righteous 774. Pro_10:4. Effects of Sloth and Diligence compared 775. Pro_10:22. God’s Blessing, the greatest Riches 776. Pro_11:18. The Wicked and Righteous contrasted 777. Pro_11:25. Christian Liberality encouraged 778. Pro_11:30. The Wisdom of winning Souls 779. Pro_12:26. The Excellency of the Righteous 780. Pro_13:5. The Character and End of the Wicked 781. Pro_13:5. The Way of Transgressors hard 782. Pro_14:9. The Folly of making a Mock at Sin 783. Pro_14:10. Man’s Experience known to himself alone 784. Pro_14:12. Misconceptions about Salvation 785. Pro_14:13. The Vanity of carnal Mirth 786. Pro_14:14. The Danger of Backsliding 787. Pro_14:26. Fear of the Lord a Source of much Good 788. Pro_15:3. The Omnipresence of God 789. Pro_15:8. The Upright alone acceptable to God 790. Pro_15:32. Instruction to be obeyed 791. Pro_16:2. Man’s Estimate of himself and God’s contrasted 162 792. Pro_16:3. Trusting in God 793. Pro_16:23. The Benefit of experimental Religion 794. Pro_16:25. Erroneous Views of Religion refuted 795. Pro_16:33. God is the Disposer of all Events 796. Pro_18:10. The Name of the Lord a strong Tower 797. Pro_18:14. A wounded Spirit 798. Pro_19:2. Divine Knowledge most desirable 799. Pro_19:3. Sinfulness of murmuring against God 800. Pro_20:4. The Consequence of Sloth 801. Pro_20:6. True Piety is rare 802. Pro_20:9. No absolute Perfection here below 803. Pro_21:25. Desire is nothing without Labour 804. Pro_23:17-18. The Fear of God all the Day 805. Pro_23:23. Buying the Truth 806. Pro_23:26. The Duty of giving the Heart to God 807. Pro_24:11-12. The Folly of vain Excuses 808. Pro_24:30-34. The Sluggard’s Vineyard 809. Pro_25:21-22. Returning Good for Evil 810. Pro_26:12. The Danger of Conceit 811. Pro_27:1. Against depending upon future Time 812. Pro_27:4. Envy 813. Pro_27:19. The Hearts of Men alike 814. Pro_28:4. Effects of Piety and Impiety 815. Pro_28:5. The Light enjoyed by the Godly 816. Pro_28:11. Advantages of Rich and Poor compared 817. Pro_28:13. True Repentance recommended 818. Pro_28:20. The Portion of the Faithful Man 819. Pro_28:26. Self-confidence reproved 820. Pro_29:1. Danger of Obstinacy in Sin 821. Pro_29:18. The Importance of Gospel Ministrations 822. Pro_29:25. The Fear of Man 823. Pro_30:1-2. A Saint’s Views of himself 824. Pro_30:7-9. Agur’s Wish 825. Pro_30:12. The Self-deceiver exposed 826. Pro_31:10. Usefulness of Schools of Industry