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Discourse Text Subject Psalms 494. Psa_1:1-4. Characters of the Righteous and Wicked 495. Psa_2:1-12. Opposition to Christ vain 496. Psa_2:12. Regard to Christ enforced 497. Psa_4:3. The Privileges of the Godly 498. Psa_4:4-5. A practical Exhortation 499. Psa_4:6. God’s Favour the only substantial Good 500. Psa_5:11-12. The Blessedness of the Righteous 501. Psa_7:11-13. God’s Indignation against the Wicked 502. Psa_9:10. The Name of God a Ground of Trust 503. Psa_9:17. The Danger of forgetting God 504. Psa_10:4-5. Men’s proud Contempt of God 505. Psa_10:13. Men’s Contempt of God 506. Psa_11:1-7. The Workings of Unbelief and Faith 507. Psa_12:4. Practical Atheism exposed 508. Psa_14:1. The Commonness and Folly of Atheism 509. Psa_14:6. Believers vindicated 510. Psa_14:7. The Blessings of Salvation 511. Psa_15:1-5. Character of those that shall be saved 512. Psa_16:4. Superior Blessedness of true Christians 513. Psa_16:5-7. God himself his People’s Portion 514. Psa_16:8-11. Christ’s Resurrection and Glory 515. Psa_17:15. The Man of God 516. Psa_18:1-3. God the all-sufficient Portion of his People 517. Psa_18:23. Besetting Sins 518. Psa_18:25-26. Equity of the Divine Procedure 519. Psa_18:50. Thanksgiving for any great Deliverance 520. Psa_19:7-9. Excellency of God’s Word 521. Psa_19:10-11. The Use and Benefit of the Scriptures 522. Psa_19:12-13. Prayer against Sins of Infirmity and Presumption 523. Psa_20:7. Trust in God the Means of Success 524. Psa_21:1-7. The Kingdom of David and of Christ 525. Psa_21:7. Trust in God recommended 526. Psa_22:1. Our Lord’s Complaint on the Cross 527. Psa_22:11-21. The Sufferings of Christ 528. Psa_23:1-6. David’s Confidence in God 529. Psa_24:7-10. The Ascension of Christ typified 530. Psa_25:6-7. The Saint pleading with God 531. Psa_25:9. Meek Docility inculcated 532. Psa_25:10. God’s Paths are Mercy and Truth 533. Psa_25:11. Proper Method of praying to God 534. Psa_25:12-13. The Portion of those who fear God 535. Psa_25:14. The Secrets of the Lord 536. Psa_26:8. The Worship of God delightful 537. Psa_27:4. David’s Love to God’s Ordinances 538. Psa_27:8. The Duty of Prayer 539. Psa_28:7. Adoring God for his Mercies 540. Psa_28:8-9. God our saving Strength 541. Psa_29:10-11. God the Giver of Strength and Peace 542. Psa_30:5. The Mercy of God 543. Psa_30:6-12. Cause and Cure of spiritual Desertion 544. Psa_31:15. Our Times in God’s Hand 545. Psa_31:19-20. The Goodness of God to his believing People 546. Psa_31:21-24. The Godly encouraged to trust in God 547. Psa_32:1-6. True Blessedness declared 548. Psa_32:11. Joy in the Lord inculcated 549. Psa_33:18-22. God’s Care of his People 550. Psa_34:2-3. Devotion exemplified 551. Psa_34:6. Grateful Recollections 552. Psa_34:8. Experimental Religion enforced 553. Psa_34:11-16. The Fear of God inculcated 554. Psa_34:18. The Broken and Contrite in Heart encouraged 555. Psa_35:3. The Sinner’s Hope 556. Psa_35:13-14. Compassion to the Sick 557. Psa_36:1. Awful State of ungodly Men 558. Psa_36:2. The self-flattering Delusions of Sinners exposed 559. Psa_36:4. Sin to be abhorred 560. Psa_36:6. God’s Word and Works Mysterious 561. Psa_36:7-8. The Loving-kindness of God 562. Psa_36:9. Christ the Fountain of Life and Light 563. Psa_36:10. God’s continued Care implored 564. Psa_37:3-6. Confidence in God recommended 565. Psa_37:23-24. God’s Interest in his People 566. Psa_37:31. The Security of the upright Soul 567. Psa_38:1-9. David’s Distress and Consolation 568. Psa_39:4-5. The Shortness of Human Life 569. Psa_40:1-3. David’s Success in Prayer an Encouragement to us 570. Psa_41:9-10. Christ a Preacher of Righteousness 571. Psa_40:17. Consolation to the Distressed 572. Psa_42:1-2. David’s Desire after God 573. Psa_43:3-4. Access to God in Ordinances 574. Psa_43:5. Sources and Remedy of Dejection 575. Psa_45:3-5. The Reign of Christ desired 576. Psa_45:7. Benefits attendant on Holiness 577. Psa_45:10-11. Duty of the Church as married to Christ 578. Psa_45:13-16. The Church’s Beauty and Happiness 579. Psa_46:4. The River of God 580. Psa_47:5-7. The Ascension of Christ an Occasion for Joy 581. Psa_48:12-14. The Church’s Security in God 582. Psa_49:13. The Folly of worldly Men 583. Psa_49:20. The degraded State of Men 584. Psa_50:7-15. Spiritual Obedience preferred before Sacrifice 585. Psa_51:1-3. True Patience described 586. Psa_51:4. Sin an Offence against God 587. Psa_51:5. Original Sin 588. Psa_51:6. The Importance of inward Integrity 589. Psa_51:7. The Means of Deliverance from spiritual Leprosy 590. Psa_51:8. The Operations of Sin and of Grace 591. Psa_51:10. True Renovation of Heart 592. Psa_51:14. The Penitent encouraged 593. Psa_51:16-17. A broken Heart the best Sacrifice 594. Psa_55:6. The afflicted Soul comforted 595. Psa_56:12. Vows to be performed 596. Psa_57:7-11. David’s Love to God 597. Psa_60:4. God’s Banner over his People 598. Psa_61:2. Advice to the Afflicted 599. Psa_62:5-8. God our only and all-sufficient Help 600. Psa_63:1-7. The Believer’s Dispositions towards God 601. Psa_63:8. Following after God 602. Psa_65:3. Consolation in God 603. Psa_65:4. The Blessedness of waiting upon God 604. Psa_65:9-13. God’s Works of Providence and Grace 605. Psa_66:8-9. Stability the Gift of God 606. Psa_66:16. Answers to Prayer acknowledged 607. Psa_66:18; Psa_66:20. Sin a Preventive to the Acceptance of our Prayers 608. Psa_67:1-7. Calling of the Gentiles prayed for 609. Psa_68:18. The End of Christ’s Ascension 610. Psa_68:19-20. Gratitude to God for his Benefits 611. Psa_68:35. The Character of God 612. Psa_69:1-4. Sorrows and Sufferings of Christ 613. Psa_69:32-33. Humble Souls encouraged 614. Psa_70:4-5. The Christian’s Frame of Mind 615. Psa_71:3. God a Habitation for his People 616. Psa_71:7-9. The King’s Accession 617. Psa_71:15. Salvation a Ground of Joy 618. Psa_72:6-11. Excellence of Christ’s Government 619. Psa_72:12-15. Christ’s Government of his Church 620. Psa_72:16. The Success of the Gospel 621. Psa_72:17. The Perpetuity and Excellency of Christ’s Kingdom 622. Psa_72:18-19. Praise to God for Redemption CONTENTS TO VOL. VI

Discourse Text Subject Psalms 623. Psa_73:1. The Goodness of God to Israel 624. Psa_73:16-17. Prosperity of Sinners not to be envied 625. Psa_73:23-24. The Christian’s Experience and Hopes 626. Psa_73:25. The Christian’s Choice 627. Psa_73:28. Benefit of drawing near to God 628. Psa_74:22. God’s Interest in his People 629. Psa_76:7. God greatly to be feared 630. Psa_77:7-10. Despondency depicted and reproved 631. Psa_78:8. Jews and Christians compared 632. Psa_78:19-22. The Evil of Unbelief 633. Psa_78:32. Obstinacy in Sin reproved 634. Psa_78:32-33. The Fruit of Impenitence and Unbelief 635. Psa_78:34-39. The Extent of God’s Mercy 636. Psa_80:17-19. The Efficacy of Prayer 637. Psa_81:10. Prayer Effectual to any Extent 638. Psa_81:11-12. God giving up obstinate Transgressors 639. Psa_84:1-4. Divine Ordinances lovely 640. Psa_84:10. God’s Ordinances precious 641. Psa_84:11. Promises to the Upright 642. Psa_85:8. Attention to God’s Word encouraged 643. Psa_85:9-10. The Perfections of God reconciled in Christ Jesus 644. Psa_86:1-5. A praying Spirit exemplified 645. Psa_86:11. How to walk with God 646. Psa_87:3. The Glory of Zion 647. Psa_88:14-16. Distress of Soul considered 648. Psa_89:15-16. The Blessings of God’s People 649. Psa_89:19. The Sufficiency of Christ to save 650. Psa_89:28-35. God’s covenant Engagements with Christ and us 651. Psa_90:11-12. God’s Anger a Reason for turning to him 652. Psa_90:14. Satisfaction in God alone 653. Psa_90:17. The Beauty of Jehovah imparted to his People 654. Psa_91:1-4. The Blessedness of God’s People 655. Psa_91:9-10. The Security of those who dwell in God 656. Psa_91:14-16. The Character and Privilege of the Gospel 657. Psa_92:4-5. God admired in his Works 658. Psa_92:12-15. The Believer’s Security 659. Psa_94:19. Comfort in God 660. Psa_95:6-11. Devotion to God recommended and enforced 661. Psa_96:1-3. The Duty of making Christ known to the Heathen 662. Psa_96:9. Worship in the Beauty of Holiness 663. Psa_97:2. God’s Ways dark but just 664. Psa_97:11. The Blessedness of the Righteous 665. Psa_98:1-9. Christ’s Advent a Ground of Joy 666. Psa_100:1-5. Gentiles called to glorify God 667. Psa_101:1. Mercy and Judgment Grounds of Praise 668. Psa_101:2. A wise Deportment delineated 669. Psa_101:3. Integrity 670. Psa_102:13-15. The Restoration of the Jews 671. Psa_102:25-28. The Eternity and Immutability of Christ 672. Psa_103:1-5. Duty of praising God for his Mercies 673. Psa_103:8-13. The Goodness of God 674. Psa_103:15-18. Perpetuity of God’s Mercy 675. Psa_104:33-34. The Duty of praising God 676. Psa_106:4-5. The Christian’s Desire 677. Psa_106:10-12. The Effects which national Mercies should produce on us 678. Psa_106:21-23. The Evil and Danger of Ingratitude 679. Psa_106:30. The Zeal of Phinehas commended 680. Psa_106:48. Praise to God for his Mercies 681. Psa_107:1-3. Praise to God for Redemption 682. Psa_107:8-9. The Duty and Grounds of Praise 683. Psa_107:43. God’s Love seen in all his Dispensations 684. Psa_110:1-7. The Person and Offices of Christ 685. Psa_111:2. The great Work of Redemption 686. Psa_111:10. The Fear of the Lord 687. Psa_113:5-8. Greatness and Condescension of God 688. Psa_115:9-13. Trust in God recommended 689. Psa_116:1-7. Thanksgiving for Deliverance 690. Psa_116:8-9. Grateful Recollections 691. Psa_116:12-14. How to requite the Lord for his Mercies 692. Psa_116:15. The Death of Saints precious 693. 117. The Gentiles called to praise God 694. Psa_118:27-28. The Exaltation of Christ a Ground of Confidence 695. Psa_119:4-6. Practical Religion enforced 696. Psa_119:9. God’s Word the Means of Sanctification 697. Psa_119:18. How to attain Divine Knowledge 698. Psa_119:20. David’s Desire after God’s Word 699. Psa_119:30-32. Christian Experience 700. Psa_119:34. Wisdom of true Piety 701. Psa_119:37. The Vanities of this World an Obstacle to spiritual Progress 702. Psa_119:45. True Liberty 703. Psa_119:51-52. Comfort under Persecution 704. Psa_119:59-60. Serious and speedy Conversion to God recommended 705. Psa_119:68. The Goodness of God 706. Psa_119:71. The Benefit of Affliction 707. Psa_119:76. The Loving-kindness of God 708. Psa_119:97-100. David’s Boasting explained and vindicated 709. Psa_119:128. The true Test of Religion in the Soul 710. Psa_119:132-133. The Christian’s chief Desires 711. Psa_119:136. Reasons for weeping over Sinners 712. Psa_119:145-148. David’s Desire to serve God 713. Psa_119:165. Blessedness of those who love God’s Law 714. Psa_121:1-8. Security of those who trust in God 715. Psa_124:1-8. Thanksgiving for great Deliverance 716. Psa_124:1-8. God to be acknowledged in our Mercies 717. Psa_125:1-2. Trust in the Lord 718. Psa_125:4-5. The Upright and Apostates contrasted 719. Psa_126:1-4. Deliverance from spiritual Bondage acknowledged 720. Psa_126:5. Sowing in Tears 721. Psa_126:5-6. The Spiritual Harvest 722. Psa_130:1-4. God’s Mercy an Encouragement to Prayer 723. Psa_130:5-6. Waiting upon God 724. Psa_130:7-8. The Duty of hoping in God 725. Psa_131:2. Weanedness from the World 726. Psa_132:13-16. Zion a Type of the Church 727. Psa_133:1-3. The Benefit of Christian Unity 728. Psa_136:26. A Call to adore God for his Mercy 729. Psa_138:2. God’s Word magnified 730. Psa_138:3. Answers to Prayers 731. Psa_138:4-5. The Gospel a Source of Happiness 732. Psa_138:6. God’s Views of the Lowly and of the Proud 733. Psa_138:8. God’s Care of his People 734. Psa_139:1-12 Omnipresence and Omniscience of God 735. Psa_139:17-18. A Christian’s Delight in God 736. Psa_139:23-24. The Difficulty of knowing our own State 737. Psa_142:7. Liberty desired 738. Psa_143:2. A strict Award of Justice deprecated 739. Psa_143:7-10. God a Refuge to the Distressed 740. Psa_144:15. The Blessedness of the Righteous 741. Psa_145:1-2. Praise to God for his Goodness and his Mercy 742. Psa_145:8-9. The Goodness of God to Man 743. Psa_145:18-19. God’s Readiness to answer Prayer 744. Psa_146:5. The Blessedness of trusting in God 745. Psa_146:7-8. The Extent of Christ’s Compassion 746. Psa_147:5-7. The Power and Wisdom of God 747. Psa_147:11. God’s Regard for the least of his Saints 748. Psa_147:12-14. Temporal Mercies a Ground of Praise 749. Psa_148:14. God’s People near unto him 750. Psa_149:2. Joy in Christ 751. Psa_149:4-6. Duty of praising God for his Goodness 752. Psa_150:6. The Duty of praising God