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Charles Simeon Commentary - Revelation

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Discourse Text Subject Revelation 2475. Rev_1:4-5. Each person in the Holy Trinity to be addressed in Prayer 2476. Rev_1:5-6. The Grounds of Praise to Christ 2477. Rev_1:7. Christ coming to Judgment 2478. Rev_1:10. Being in the Spirit 2479. Rev_1:12-17. St. John’s Vision 2480. Rev_1:17-18. Christ’s Power over the invisible World 2481. Rev_2:1-2. Epistle to Ephesus 2482. Rev_2:2-6. Epistle to Ephesus 2483. Rev_2:7. Epistle to Ephesus 2484. Rev_2:8-9. Epistle to Smyrna 2485. Rev_2:9-10. Epistle to Smyrna 2486. Rev_2:11. Epistle to Smyrna 2487. Rev_2:12-13. Epistle to Pergamos 2488. Rev_2:13-16. Epistle to Pergamos 2489. Rev_2:17. Epistle to Pergamos 2490. Rev_2:18-19. Epistle to Thyatira 2491. Rev_2:19-23. Epistle to Thyatira 2492. Rev_2:24-25. The Church at Thyatira 2493. Rev_2:26-29. Epistle to Thyatira 2494. Rev_3:1. Epistle to Sardis 2495. Rev_3:2. Epistle to Sardis 2496. Rev_3:3. Epistle to Sardis 2497. Rev_3:4-6. Epistle to Sardis 2498. Rev_3:7-8. Epistle to Philadelphia 2499. Rev_3:8-11. Epistle to Philadelphia 2500. Rev_3:12-13. Epistle to Philadelphia 2501. Rev_3:14-16. Epistle to Laodicea 2502. Rev_3:17-18. Epistle to Laodicea 2503. Rev_3:19. Epistle to Laodicea 2504. Rev_3:20. Epistle to Laodicea 2505. Rev_3:21. The Victor’s Reward 2506. Rev_3:22. The Voice of God to his Church and People 2507. Rev_5:6-10. The Book with seven Seals opened by Jesus Christ 2508. Rev_5:11-13. The Doxology of the Redeemed 2509. Rev_7:9-12. The Worship of Heaven 2510. Rev_7:14-17. The Felicity of the glorified Saints 2511. Rev_10:5-6. The Nearness of Eternity 2512. Rev_11:15-17. The Reign of Christ on Earth 2513. Rev_12:11. How Satan is to be vanquished 2514. Rev_13:8. The Lamb slain from the Foundation of the World 2515. Rev_14:1-5. The Felicity of Heaven 2516. Rev_14:6-7. The Gospel preached to all Nations 2517. Rev_14:9-11. The Punishment of the Ungodly 2518. Rev_14:13. The Blessedness of departed Saints 2519. Rev_15:3-4. The Song of Moses and the Lamb 2520. Rev_16:9. Repentance 2521. Rev_17:14. Friends and Enemies of Christ 2522. Rev_19:6. God’s Government a Ground of Joy 2523. Rev_19:7-8. The Church’s Union with Christ 2524. Rev_19:9. The Marriage-Supper of the Lamb 2525. Rev_19:10. The Testimony of Jesus 2526. Rev_19:16. Christ the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords 2527. Rev_20:6. The first Resurrection 2528. Rev_20:11-15. The Day of Judgment 2529. Rev_21:1-6. The heavenly Glory 2530. Rev_21:22-23. God the Light and Temple of the New Jerusalem 2531. Rev_22:2. The Tree of Life 2532. Rev_22:14. Obedience the Way to Life 2533. Rev_22:16. Christ the Morning Star 2534. Rev_22:17. Invitation to come to Christ 2535. Rev_22:18-19. The Perfection and Sanctity of the Holy Scriptures 2536. Rev_22:20. The Coming of Christ desired