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Charles Simeon Commentary - Zechariah

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Discourse Text Subject Zechariah 1237. Zec_1:3-6. An Exhortation to turn to God 1238. Zec_1:5. God the Avenger of Sin. 1239. Zec_1:12-13. Christ’s Intercession for Jerusalem. 1240. Zec_2:5. God the Protection of his People 1241. Zec_2:8. God’s Sympathy with his People 1242. Zec_3:1-5. The Restoration of the Jewish Church 1243. Zec_4:6. All is of God 1244. Zec_4:7. Zerubbabel a Type of Christ 1245. Zec_4:10. The Day of small Things. 1246. Zec_4:11-14. The Vision of the Olive Trees 1247. Zec_6:12-13. Christ saving by his united Offices. 1248. Zec_7:4-7. Outward Services vain 1249. Zec_8:3-8. The Restoration of the Jews 1250. Zec_8:20-23. The Conversion of the Gentiles 1251. Zec_8:20-23. Conversion of the Jews and Gentiles. 1252. Zec_9:9. The Advent of Jesus a ground of Joy 1253. Zec_9:12. Christ a Strong Hold 1254. Zec_9:17. The Glory of Christ 1255. Zec_10:12. Christ the Strength of his People 1256. Zec_11:8. Abhorrence between God and Sinners 1257. Zec_11:12-13. The Contempt poured on Christ 1258. Zec_12:10. The Means of evangelical Repentance 1259. Zec_13:1. Christ, the Fountain opened 1260. Zec_13:7. Christ smitten for our Sins. 1261. Zec_13:9. God’s Dealings with his People 1262. Zec_14:7. The Conversion of the Jews 1263. Zec_14:9. Christ’s Reign on Earth 1264. Zec_14:16-19. The Feast of Tabernacles 1265. Zec_14:20-21. The Millennial Glory