Matthew Poole Commentary - 2 Peter 3:14 - 3:14

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Matthew Poole Commentary - 2 Peter 3:14 - 3:14

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Such things; Christ’s coming to judgment; the destruction of this world; a new heaven and a new earth, in which dwells righteousness.

Of him; Christ the Judge.

In peace; at peace with God, from whence proceeds peace of conscience, and an amicable, peaceable disposition toward others; all which may here be comprehended.

Without spot, and blameless: either:

1. By these words he means absolute perfection; and then he shows what we are to design and aim at in this life, though we attain it not till we come into the other: or:

2. A thorough sanctification through faith in Christ, a being got above fleshly lusts, and the pollutions of the world, and any such carriage as our hearts may reproach us for, 1Ti_6:14. If it be objected, that such, having sin still in them, cannot be said to be without spot, and blameless, in the sight of God; it may be answered, that though they have sin in them, yet being, through the righteousness of Christ imputed to them, justified in the sight of God, and accepted in the Beloved, Eph_1:6, he overlooks their infirmities, and imputes no sin to them, sees no spot in them, so as to condemn them for it. The apostle seems here to reflect on the seducers before mentioned, whom, 2Pe_2:13, he had called spots and blemishes; and he persuades these saints to look to themselves, that they might be found of Christ (not such as the other were, but) without spot, and blameless; or, as it is translated, Eph_5:27, without blemish, i.e. in a state of sanctification, as well as justification.