Matthew Poole Commentary - 2 Peter 3:2 - 3:2

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Matthew Poole Commentary - 2 Peter 3:2 - 3:2

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The words which were spoken before by the holy prophets; the word of prophecy, 2Pe_1:19: he joins the prophets and apostles together, as concurring in their doctrine, and so useth it as an argument to persuade them to constancy in the faith of the gospel, that what the apostles preached to them was confirmed by what the prophets under the Old Testament had taught before, Act_26:22 Eph_2:20.

And of the commandment of us; by this he means the whole doctrine of the gospel preached by him and the other apostles: see 2Pe_2:21 1Jo_3:23.

The apostles of the Lord and Saviour; who was the author of this commandment, and the principal in giving it, and from whom the apostles received it, who were but ministers and instruments in delivering it to others.