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Matthew Poole Commentary - Galatians 2:1 - 2:1

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Gal_2:1,2 Paul showeth for what purpose after many years he went

to Jerusalem.

Gal_2:3-5 That Titus, who went with him, was not circumcised,

and that on purpose to assert the freedom of the

Gentile converts from the bondage of the law.

Gal_2:6-10 That no new knowledge was added to him in conference

with the three chief apostles, but that he received

from them a public acknowledgment of his Divine

mission to the Gentiles.

Gal_2:11-13 That he openly withstood Peter for dissimulation with

respect to Gentile communion.

Gal_2:14-20 Expostulating with him, why he, who believed that

justification came by the faith of Christ, acted as

though it came by the works of the law.

Gal_2:21 Which was, in effect, to frustrate the grace of God.

Fourteen years after; either fourteen years after the three years before mentioned, and the fifteen days; or fourteen years after the conversion of Paul, or fourteen years after the death of Christ. This journey seeming to be that mentioned Act_15:2, it seems rather to be understood of fourteen years after the death of Christ.

I went up again to Jerusalem: motions to Jerusalem are usually in Scripture called ascendings or goings up; either because of the mountains round about it, or in respect of the famousness of the place: see Act_15:2 21:4. The occasion of this journey we have, Act_15:1,2. It was to advise with the apostles and elders, about the necessity of circumcision; some that came from Judea having taught the disciples at Antioch, that except they were circumcised they could not be saved.

With Barnabas, and took This with me also; Barnabas was chosen to go with Paul, Act_15:2, and some others, whom Luke nameth not, but it is plain by this text Titus was one.