Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 1:16 - 1:16

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 1:16 - 1:16

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Children of the Kenite, i.e. of Jethro, so called from the people from whom he descended, Num_24:21,22. And whatsoever he did, it is evident that his posterity came into Canaan with the Israelites, and were there seated with them. See Jud_4:11,17 5:24 1Sa_15:6 1Ch_2:55.

Out of the city of palm trees, i.e. from Jericho, so called Deu_34:3; not the city, which was utterly destroyed; but the territory belonging to it, where it seems they were seated as in a most pleasant, and fruitful, and safe place, according to the promise made by Moses to their father, Num_10:31,32, and whence they might remove, either to avoid the society or molestation of the neighbouring Canaanites; or out of love to the children of Judah, whom they went to; or to avoid temptations to luxury, and exercise themselves in self-denial and contempt of the present evil world, and the lusts thereof; as may be thought from Jer_35:6, &c.; or for some other cause unknown to us at this distance.

In the south of Arad; in the southern part of the land of Canaan, where Arad was, Num_21:1.

They went, i.e. some of them, for others of them dwelt in the contrary quarter, in the most northern part of the land.

Among the people, Heb. that people, to wit, those children of Judah that lived there.