Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 10:4 - 10:4

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 10:4 - 10:4

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Rode on ass colts, because horses were scarce there, and were not to be multiplied by the king himself, Deu_17:16. Hence their kings and kings’ children used to ride upon mules, 2Sa_13:29 18:9 1Ki_1:33,38,39. Compare Jud_5:10 12:14.


Object. These villages were called so before this time from another

Jair, Num_32:41 Deu_3:14.

Answ. They are not said to be now first called by that name, but to be still so called, because the old name was revived and confirmed upon this occasion; as Sheba is said to be called Beer-sheba, upon an occasion mentioned Gen_26:33, though it was so called before upon a more ancient occasion, Gen_21:31. Possibly this Jair had enlarged or fortified these towns, and so they were justly denominated from him, no less than from the former.