Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 12:1 - 12:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 12:1 - 12:1

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The Ephraimites wage war against Jephthah; are smitten by the Gileadites; and being discerned by Shibboleth, are slain to the number of two and forty thousand, Jud_12:1-6. Jephthah dies, Jud_12:7. After him Ibzan, Jud_12:8-10, Elon Jud_11:11,12, Abdon, Jud_12:13-15, were judges over Israel.

Northward; over Jordan, so northward towards Mizpeh, where Jephthah was, Jud_11:34, and which was in the northern part of the land beyond Jordan.

Said unto Jephthah, through pride and envy, contending with him as they did before with Gideon, Jud_8:1. Wherefore passedst thou over? not over Jordan, for there he was already; but over the borders of the Israelites’ land beyond Jordan, as appears by comparing this with Jud_11:29, where the same phrase is used.