Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 14:1 - 14:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 14:1 - 14:1

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Samson desires to wife a daughter of the Philistines of Timnath; and this of the Lord, for an occasion against them, Jud_14:1-4. His parents go down with him to Timnath: a young lion meets him; he kills it, Jud_14:5-7; in his return he findeth honey in the carcass, Jud_14:8,9. Keepeth a marriage feast: hath thirty companions adjoined to him; to whom he propoundeth a riddle; with promise of a present, Jud_14:10-15. His wife extorts from him the explication, and discovereth it, Jud_14:16-18. He slayeth thirty Philistines of Ashkelon, and therewith payeth his present, Jud_14:19. His wife is given to another, Jud_14:20.

After he was come to mature age.

Timnath; a place not far from the sea; of which see Gen_38:12 Jos_15:57 19:43.