Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 14:9 - 14:9

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 14:9 - 14:9

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He took thereof in his hands, out of the lion’s carcass.

Quest. Did not Samson transgress in touching a carcass?

Answ. It was in itself a legal pollution; but some such pollutions were involuntary and unavoidable, as in one that hath an issue running in his sleep; and some were necessary duties, as in those who were to attend upon a woman in her month, or upon the burial of a dead body. And such was this pollution, being contracted by Divine instinct and direction, and in order to God’s honour, and therefore dispensed with by the author of that law, and required by him for his service.

Came to his father and mother; from whom he had turned aside for a season, Jud_14:8, upon some pretence or other.