Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 16:1 - 16:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 16:1 - 16:1

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Samson goeth in to a harlot; is hemmed in; riseth at midnight; taketh the city gates, posts, and bars on his shoulders, and carrieth them up into a mountain, Jud_16:1-3. Is in love with Delilah; she enticeth him to discover wherein his strength lay; is thrice deceived; at last she overcomes him, Jud_16:4-20. They put out his eyes, and cast him into prison, Jud_16:21. His hair grows again, Jud_16:22. The lords of the Philistines and the people gather together to make sport with him to the honor of their idols; and sacrifice, Jud_16:23-25. Samson getteth them to place his hands on the two pillars of the house; he prays to God; pulls down the house; and dieth: but more slain at his death than in his life, Jud_16:26-30. He is buried, Jud_16:31.

Samson went to Gaza, a chief city, to make some new attempt upon the Philistines, whom he feared not either in their cities or in their camps, having had such large experience of his own strength, and of God’s assistance; possibly he came in thither by night, unknown and unobserved till afterwards.

Saw there an harlot; going into a house of public entertainment to refresh himself, as the manner was, Jos_2:1. He there saw this harlot; which implies that he did not go thither upon so evil a design, but accidentally saw her there, and by giving way to lustful looks upon her, was ensnared by her.