Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 16:21 - 16:21

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 16:21 - 16:21

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The Philistines now durst apprehend him, because they rested in the assurance which Delilah had given them, that now all was discovered and done.

Put out his eyes; which was done by them out of revenge and policy, to disenable him from doing them much harm, in case he should recover his strength; but not without God’s providence, punishing him in that part which had been greatly instrumental to his sinful lusts.

Brought him down to Gaza, because this was a great and strong city, where he would be kept safely; and upon the sea-coast, at sufficient distance from Samson’s people; and to repair the honour of that place, upon which he had fastened so great a scorn, Jud_16:3. God also ordering things thus, that where he first sinned, Jud_16:1, there he should receive his punishment.

He did grind in the prison-house, as captives and slaves use to do: see Exo_11:5 Isa_47:2 Mat_24:41. He made himself a slave to vile lusts and harlots, and now God suffers men to use him like a slave.