Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 17:1 - 17:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 17:1 - 17:1

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Micah stealeth money of his mother; then confesseth and restoreth it. She dedicates it to the Lord; maketh images: he sets them up in the house of his gods; and consecrates one of his sons for his priest; there being then no magistrates in Israel, Jud_17:1-6. A Levite travelling that way, he hireth and consecrateth him to be his priest, Jud_17:7-12; is confident that God would therefore favour and bless him, Jud_17:13.

The things mentioned here, and in the following chapters, did not happen in the order in which they are put; but much sooner, even presently after the death of the elders that overlived Joshua, Jud_2:7, as appears by divers passages; as first, Because the place called Mahaneh-dan, or the camp of Dan, Jud_13:25, was so called from that which was done, Jud_18:12. Secondly, Because the Danites had not yet got all their inheritance, Jud_18:1, which is not credible of them above three hundred years after Joshua’s death. Thirdly, Because Phinehas the son of Eleazar was priest at this time, Jud_20:28, who must have been about three hundred and fifty years old, if this had been done after Samson’s death, which is more than improbable.