Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 17:4 - 17:4

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 17:4 - 17:4

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Yet he restored the money unto his mother; though his mother allowed him to keep it, yet he persisted in his resolution to restore it, that she might dispose of it as she pleased; and did actually restore it, as was said before; and now confirms the former restitution, and therefore is twice said to restore it.

His mother took two hundred shekels of silver; reserving nine hundred shekels, either for the ephod and teraphim, or for other things relating to this worship, or for her own private use; being, it seems, cooled in her first zeal, and willing to have as cheap a religion as she could, as also her son Micah was, Jud_17:10.

Who made thereof; made them, either first, of that matter; or secondly, for that money.