Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 17:7 - 17:7

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 17:7 - 17:7

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Out of Beth-lehem-judah, or, of Beth-lehem-judah; so called here, as Mat_2:1,5, to difference it from Bethlehem in Zebulun, Jos_19:15. There he was born and bred. Of the family of Judah, i.e. of or belonging to the tribe of Judah; not by birth, for he was a Levite; nor by his mother, for though that might be true, the mother’s side is not regarded in genealogies; but by his habitation and ministration. For the Levites, especially in times of confusion and irreligion, were dispersed among all the tribes; and this man’s lot fell into the tribe of Judah; which seems to be here noted by way of reflection upon that tribe, and as an evidence of the general defection, that a Levite could not find entertainment in that great and famous tribe, which God had put so much honour upon, Gen_49:8-11, and therefore was forced to wander and seek for subsistence elsewhere.

He sojourned there; so he expresseth it, because this was not the proper nor usual place of his abode, this being no Levitical city.