Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:1 - 18:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:1 - 18:1

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Those of the tribe of Dan, having not sufficient inheritance, send forth five men to spy out a place; they come to the house of Micah, and desire the Levite to ask counsel of God touching their journey, Jud_18:1-5. He encouraging them, they spy out the city Laish; and at their return instigate their brethren to set upon the city, Jud_18:6-10. Six hundred go forth armed: in their march they seize upon Micah’s priest and idols; which he in vain, demandeth again, Jud_18:11-25. They pull down Laish; build it again; inhabit it; and call it Dan, Jud_18:26-29; consecrate their priest, and set up Micah’s images, Jud_18:30,31.

In those days; not long after Joshua’s death, of which See Poole on "Jud_17:6".

The tribe of the Danites; a part or branch of that tribe, consisting only of six hundred men of war, Jud_18:16, with their families, Jud_18:21: or, a family of the Danites; for the word schebet, which properly signifies a tribe, is sometimes taken for a family, as Jud_20:12, as elsewhere family is put for a tribe, as Zec_12:13. All their inheritance had not fallen unto them; the lot had fallen to them before this time, Jos_19:40, &c., but not the actual possession of their lot, because therein the Philistines and Amorites opposed them, not without success. See Poole on "Jos_19:40"; See Poole on "Jud_1:34".