Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:19 - 18:19

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:19 - 18:19

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Lay thy hand upon thy mouth, i.e. be silent, as this phrase is used, Job_21:5 29:9 40:4 Pro_30:32. The same thing repeated in other words.

A father and a priest: see Poole on "Jud_17:10".

A family in Israel, to wit, a tribe that is (and being oft put for that is) a family. For it is certain this was not an expedition of the whole tribe, which numbered 64,000 men, Num_26:43, but only of one family, which it seems were more vexed with the Philistines or Amorites, and therefore resolved to seek new habitations at a great distance from them. And after this time we find the body of the Danites in their old and proper portions in Samson’s time, which, though placed before this, was long after it.