Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:6 - 18:6

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:6 - 18:6

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Your way, i.e. your journey or design, is under the eye of God, i.e. under his care, and protection, and direction, which the eye of God being upon a person commonly notes in Scripture, as Psa_32:8 34:15. Compare Jer_39:12 40:4. So the phrase is here taken in a restrained sense, which is elsewhere taken more largely, as Pro_5:21. This answer he either feigns to gratify their humour, or did indeed receive from the devil, who transformed himself into an angel of light, and in God’s name gave them answers, and those not seldom very true, which God suffered for the trial of his people. See Deu_13:1-3. But it is observable, that his answer was, as the devil’s oracles usually were, ambiguous, and such as might have been interpreted either way, as they had success or disappointment.