Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:7 - 18:7

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 18:7 - 18:7

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Laish, called also Leshem, Jos_19:47.

After the manner of the Zidonians, who living in a very strong place, and abounding in wealth, and understanding that they were not a part of that land which God gave to his people, and perceiving that the Israelites never attempted any thing against them, were grown secure and careless.

That might put them to shame in any thing, or, that might rebuke or punish any thing, i.e. any crime; Heb. that might put any thing to shame, or, make any thing shameful. Putting to shame seems to be used metonymically for inflicting civil punishment, because shame is generally the adjunct or effect of it.

They were far from the Zidonians, who otherwise could have succoured them, and would have been ready to do it.

Had no business with any man; no league of confederacy, nor much converse with other cities, it being in a pleasant and plentiful soil, between the two rivulets of Jor and Dan, not needing supplies from others, and therefore minding only their own ease and pleasure.