Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 19:2 - 19:2

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 19:2 - 19:2

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Against him, i.e. against her faith given to him, or to his wrong; or, with him, i.e. in his house; or whilst she lived with him, which is opposed to her going away, which here follows.

Went away from him; either for fear of his severe rebukes or punishment, or because her heart was alienated from him.

Four whole months, Heb. some days, to wit, four months; or, a year (so days commonly signify) and four months; wherein not only site sinned, but her father by some indulgence and connivance at her sin, and neglect of just endeavours for her reconciliation to her husband, the ill effects whereof he speedily felt, in the loss of his daughter in so dreadful a manner.