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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 2:1 - 2:1

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An angel reproveth Israel at Bochim; they bewail their sins, Jud_2:1-5. The wickedness of the new generation after Joshua; their frequent idolatry, Jud_2:6-13; for which they are often punished of God by the enemy; and being delivered by the judges grow worse, Jud_2:14-19; wherefore God will leave the Canaanite to prove and vex them, Jud_2:20-23.

An angel of the Lord: either, first, A created angel. Or, secondly, A prophet or man of God, for such are sometimes called angels, which signifies only messengers of God; and then the following words are spoken by him in the name of God, as may easily be understood. Or, thirdly, Christ, the Angel of the covenant, who is oft called the Angel of the Lord, as we have formerly seen, to whom the conduct of Israel out of Egypt, and through the wilderness, and into Canaan, here spoken of, is frequently ascribed, as Exo_14:19 23:20 33:14 Jos_5:13,14 Jud 6:12 13:3; who alone of all the angels could speak the following words in his own name and person; whereas created angels and prophets do universally usher in their Divine messages with, Thus saith the Lord, or some equivalent expression. And this angel having assumed the outward shape of a man, it is not strange that he imitates the local motion of a man, and comes as it were from Gilgal to the place where now they were; by which motion he signified that he was the person that brought them to Gilgal, the first place where they rested in Canaan, and there renewed covenant with them, and protected them there so long, and from thence went out with them to battle, and gave them success.

Bochim; a place so called here by anticipation, for the reason expressed here, Jud_2:5. And it seems to be no other than Shiloh, where it seems probable that the people were met together upon some solemn festival. And this was the proper and usual place of sacrificing, Jud_2:5. And I said, i.e. I promised, upon condition of your keeping covenant with me.