Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 2:19 - 2:19

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 2:19 - 2:19

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They returned to their former, and usual, and natural, though interrupted course.

More than their fathers, in Egypt or in the wilderness.

From their own doings, i.e. from their evil practices, which he calls their own partly because they were agreeable to their own natures, which in all mankind are deeply and universally corrupted, Gen_6:5 8:21; and partly because they were familiar and customary to them. Compare Isa_58:13 66:3 Eze_36:32 Act_14:16 Jud_1:16.

Their stubborn way, Heb. hard way; so he calls their way of wickedness, either because it proceeded from a hard heart, and was managed with a hard and stiff neck; or to signify, that although it seemed at first very soft, and easy, and pleasant, yet they would certainly, and did constantly, find that it was hard, and difficult, and troublesome to them, as a hard way is to the traveller.