Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 20:48 - 20:48

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 20:48 - 20:48

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Having destroyed those that came to Gibeah, and into the field, now they follow them home to their several habitations.

The men of every city; comprehensively taken, so as to include women and children. If this seem harsh and bloody, either it may be ascribed to military fury; or rather, it may be justified; partly, from that high guilt brought upon the whole tribe, in which it is no wonder if their infants suffered, which was not unusual in such cases, as Num_31:17 1Sa_15:3 Jos_7:15; partly, from that command of God in a parallel case, Deu_13:15; and partly, from that solemn oath by which they had anathematized or devoted to death all that came not up to Mizpeh, Jud_21:5, which none of the Benjamites did; for which cause also they destroyed all the men, women, and children of Jabesh-gilead, Jud_21:10.