Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 3:20 - 3:20

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 3:20 - 3:20

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They had divers houses and chambers, some for winter, others for summer. See Jer_36:22 Amo_3:15.

Which he had for himself alone; into which he used to retire himself from company; which is mentioned as the reason why his servants waited so long ere they went in to him, Jud_3:25.

I have a message, to be delivered not in words, but by actions; Heb. a word, or thing, or business. So that there is no need to charge Ehud with a lie, as some do.

From God: this he saith to amuse him, by raising his expectation and wonder, to divert him from any apprehension of his danger, and to oblige him to rise out of his seat, which he knew he would do from the common practice of the heathens in their intercourses with God. And he designedly useth the name Elohim, which was common to the true God and false ones, and not Jehovah, which was peculiar to the true God, because Ehud not knowing whether the message came not from his own false god, he would more certainly rise, and thereby give Ehud more advantage for his blow; whereas he would possibly show his contempt of the God of Israel by sitting still to hear his message.

He arose out of his seat, in token of humble subjection and reverence to God; see Num_23:18 2Ki_23:3; which condemns those Christians that behave themselves irreverently in the presence and service of the true God.