Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 4:6 - 4:6

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 4:6 - 4:6

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She sent and called Barak, by virtue of that power which God had given her, and the people owned in her.

Kedesh-naphtali; so called, to distinguish it from other places of that name, one in Judah, Jos_15:23, and another in Issachar, 1Ch_6:72.

Hath not the Lord God of Israel commanded? i.e. assuredly God hath commanded thee: this is not the fancy of a weak woman, which peradventure thou mayst despise, but the command of the great God by my mouth. Which command of God, and the following assurance of success, she might either gather from the general rules of Scripture, and the common course of God’s gracious providence, which was always ready to succour them when they cried to God; or receive by instinct or direction from God.

Go and draw, or, go; for so this word is oft used, as Gen_37:28 Jud_20:37 Job_21:33; Hob. draw, to wit, thyself, or thy feet. Mount Tabor; a place most fit for his purpose, as being in the borders of divers tribes, and having a large plain at the top of it, where he might conveniently marshal and discipline his army. She names

Naphtali and Zebulun partly, because they were nearest and best known to Barak, and therefore soonest brought together; partly, because they were nearest to the enemy, and therefore must speedily be assembled, er else they were likely to be hindered in their design, whilst the other tribes, being at more distance, had better opportunity of gathering forces for their succour, and partly, because these had most smarted under their oppressor, who was in the heart of their country, and therefore were most forward in the present service: but these are not named exclusively, as appears by the concurrence of some other tribes, as is related, Jud 5.