Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 5:15 - 5:15

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 5:15 - 5:15

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Were with Deborah, i.e. ready to assist her. Even Issachar. Heb. and Issachar, i.e. the tribe or people of Issachar, following the counsel and example of their princes, and being now at their commandments, as they were afterwards upon another occasion, 1Ch_12:32.

And also Barak, or, even as Barak, i.e. they were as hearty and valiant as Barak their general; and as he marched on foot here and Jud_4:10, against their enemies’ horses and chariots, and that

into the valley, where the main use of horses and chariots lies; so did they with no less courage and resolution.

The divisions, or separations; whereby they were divided or separated, not so much one from another in their thoughts, counsels, and carriage in this war, (for they seem to be all too well agreed in abiding at home with their sheep, as it follows,) as all from their brethren, from whom they were divided no less in their designs and affections, than in their situation by the river Jordan; and they would not join their interests and forces with them in this common cause.

Great thoughts, or, great searchings, as it is Jud_5:16; great and sad thoughts, and debates, and perplexities of mind among the Israelites, to see themselves deserted by so great and potent a tribe as Reuben was.