Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 5:19 - 5:19

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 5:19 - 5:19

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The kings; either confederate with him, or subject to him: for it is known that there were divers petty kings in those parts; which also ofttimes were subject to one greater and more potent king; and particularly this Hazor, where this Jabin now reigned, Jud_4:2, was beforetime the head of divers petty kingdoms, Jos_11:10. Taanach and Megiddo were two eminent cities, belonging indeed to Manasseh, Jud_1:27, but seated in the tribe of Issachar, Jos_17:11, not far from Mount Tabor, Jos_17:10 Jud_1:27, nor from the river Kishon.

They took no gain of money; either, first, From Sisera. They fought without pay, whether from mere hatred of the Israelites, and a desire to be revenged upon them; or from a full hope and confidence of paying themselves abundantly out of Israel’s spoils. Or, secondly, From the Israelites; so the sense is, They fell, lost all their hopes of money, and rich spoils, and booty, which they assured themselves of; instead of gaining a prey, they lost themselves.