Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 6:1 - 6:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 6:1 - 6:1

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The Midianites oppress Israel, Jud_6:1-6. A prophet raised rebukes them, Jud_6:7-10. An angel calls Gideon to Israel’s deliverance, Jud_6:11-16; confirms him by a miracle, Jud_6:17-21. He builds an altar; calls it Jehovah-shalom; and offereth there. By God’s command he breaks down the altar of BAAL: his name Jerub-baal, Jud_6:22-32. The Midianites gather together to fight; and Gideon prepares against them: God strengthens and confirms him by a miracle, Jud_6:33-40.

For although the generality of the Midianites had been cut off by Moses about two hundred years ago, yet many of them doubtless fled into the neighbouring countries, whence afterwards they returned into their own land, and in that time might easily grow to be a very great number; especially when God furthered their increase, that they might be a fit scourge for his people Israel when they transgressed.