Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 9:27 - 9:27

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Judges 9:27 - 9:27

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They went out into the fields, which, till his coming, they durst not do, for fear of Abimelech; but now took confidence to do so, in contempt of him.

Made merry; partly from the custom of rejoicing and singing songs in vintage time, Lev_19:24 Isa_16:10 Jer_25:30; and partly for the hopes of their redemption from Abimelech’s tyranny.

The house of their god, Baal-berith, Jud_9:4; either to beg his help against Abimelech, or to give him thanks, either for the fruits of the earth now received, or for the hopes of recovering their former and lost liberty.

Did eat and drink, to the honour of their idols, and out of the oblations made to them, as they used to do to the honour of Jehovah, and out of his sacrifices.

Cursed Abimelech; either by reviling and reproaching him after their manner; or rather in a more solemn and religious manner, cursing him by their god, as Goliath did David, 1Sa_17:43; or calling upon their god to ratify their curses pronounced against him.