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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 1:3 - 1:3

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That Judas begat Phares and Zara (they were twins begot of Thamar his daughter-in-law), the relict of his son Er whom God slew, Gen_38:7, appeareth from Gen_38:27-30. That

Phares begat Ezrom appeareth from Rth_4:18 1Ch_2:5; and from the same texts appears also that

Ezrom begat Aram, Rth_4:19 1Ch_2:9, where he is called Ram. Some may possibly be offended that amongst all the ancestors of Christ there are but three women named, and all of them such as had a great stain and blot upon their reputation. This

Thamar, the mother of Phares and Zara, was blotted with incest, and Phares was one of the children begot in that incest. Rahab also is mentioned, Mat_1:5, whom the Scripture calleth an harlot, Jos_2:1; and Bathsheba was stained with adultery. But we ought to consider:

1. That (abating original corruption, which we indeed all derive from our parents) no man derives any intrinsic badness from the vice of his parents, though he may derive a blot upon his honour and reputation from it.

2. That this was one degree of our Saviour’s humiliation.

3. That it was no way incongruous, that He who came into the world to die for great sinners, should be born of some that were such.