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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 1:9 - 1:9

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That Jotham succeeded his father Uzziah, and reigned sixteen years, agreeth with 2Ch_26:23, and that Ahaz his son succeeded him, agreeth with 2Ch_27:9; he also reigned sixteen years, and Hezekiah his son reigned in his stead, 2Ch_28:27. Some here have cavilled at the truth of the history of holy writ, because it appeareth from 2Ki_16:2 that Ahaz died at thirty-six years of age, and that Hezekiah began to reign at twenty-five years of age doth also appear from 2Ch_29:1, whence it appeareth that Hezekiah must be born when his father was but eleven years of age, which they think improbable: but those who will question the truth of what we have so good a proof of as the revelation of holy writ is, are obliged not only to tell us of things in it that are improbable to their apprehensions, but either in nature impossible, or at least inconsistent with some other piece of Divine revelation. Of the latter sort, we hear of nothing objected in this case. Now though with us it be not ordinary for persons at that age to beget children, yet that it is not impossible in nature, nor more than hath happened in the world sometimes, Spanhemius hath largely proved in his Dubia Evangelica. Dub. 5, and that by no less authorities than those of Hierome amongst the ancients, and the learned Scaliger amongst the more modern writers. It is what may be. The Scripture telleth us it was so; that is enough for us, though it be not a thing very ordinary.