Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 12:38 - 12:38

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 12:38 - 12:38

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We read the like to this Mat_16:1, and Luke seemeth to relate the same history, Luk_11:29.

Master was the usual title which they gave to any whom they owned as a teacher. By

a sign they mean something that might confirm unto them that he was sent of God; they expected that an extraordinary mission should be so confirmed: so Joh_6:33, What sign showest thou then, that we might see and believe thee? What dost thou work? Moses showed them signs, (as they there go on), he brought down for them bread from heavens. Had not Christ showed them signs enough? What were all the miracles he had wrought in their sight? They either speak this out of a further idle curiosity, (their eye being not satisfied with seeing), or else they speak it in direct opposition to the whole scope and tendency of our Saviour’s former discourse, which was from his miracles to prove himself truly God, and sent of God: if the latter, which seemeth from our Saviour’s sharp answer most probable, the sum of what they say is this, Master, we have seen thee do wonderful works, but no other than what impostors may do by the assistance of the devil; we would see something done by thee which magicians cannot do, such as Moses did, Exo_8:19, when the magicians confessed they were outdone, and cried, This is the finger of God.