Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 12:50 - 12:50

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 12:50 - 12:50

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Ver. 46-50. Mark repeateth the same passage, Mar_3:31-35. Luke repeateth it more shortly, Luk_8:20,21. Both Mark and Luke say more than one spake to our Saviour; first one, then others.

Thy mother and thy brethren: most interpreters think brethren here signifieth no more than some of his kindred, whom the Hebrews usually called brethren. By the following words of our Saviour, Mat_12:48-50, we must not understand that our Saviour slighted his mother or brethren, we are elsewhere taught what honour he gave to his parents, Luk_2:51; yet he seemeth to speak something angrily, because he was interrupted in his work: so Luk_2:49 Joh_2:3-4. We may show a just respect to our parents, and respect to our relations, though we do not neglect our duty to God out of respect to them. The only thing to be further learned from this paragraph, is, how dear believers and holy persons are to Christ; he counts them as dear as mother, brethren, or sisters, and thereby teacheth us the esteem we ought to have for such. Luke saith, he that heareth my word, and doth it. Matthew saith, he that doth it. It is the will of God, that we should believe on him whom he hath sent:

See Poole on "Joh_1:12", See Poole on "Joh_6:40", See Poole on "Joh_8:47"; This text derogates nothing from the honour truly due to the blessed virgin, as the mother of the Messias; but it shows the madness of the papists, exalting her above Christ, whom Christ, considered only as his mother, seemeth here to set beneath every true believer, though, considered as a believer also, she hath a just preference.