Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 14:22 - 14:22

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 14:22 - 14:22

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Mark saith, Mar_6:45, before unto, or over against, Bethsaida. Christ is said to have constrained them, to denote to us that they were not very willing to go. They were in a desert place, it was towards night, the day was far spent ere he wrought the miracle before mentioned; probably they were loath to leave Christ alone, in such a place, and at such a time. But his command was obeyed. Probably he commanded;

1. That he might better scatter the multitude, Mar_6:45.

2. That he might prevent a tumult, for St. John tells us, that the people had a design to take him by force and make him a king, Joh_6:15.

3. To make way for another miracle, to which their going by sea gave occasion, as we shall hear by and by.

4. To gain himself a private opportunity for prayer, for, Mar_6:46, When he had sent them away, he departed into a mountain to pray. So also saith our evangelist.