Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 23:12 - 23:12

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 23:12 - 23:12

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Ver. 11,12. We have what is in Mat_23:12 twice in Luke, Luk_14:11 Luk_18:14. These verses expound what went before, and let us know;

1. That it was not a title, but the affectation of a title, which he blamed.

2. Not a doctorship, or mastership, but such a doctorship or mastership as made a man too big for the ministry of the church; such honour as lifted up the man’s heart above his work.

He is an infamous doctor in the church of Christ, who thinks himself too high or too great to be a minister in it. For God will abase, and men shall abase, him who exalteth himself. God resisteth, and men usually contemn and despise the proud, especially ministers who are so. Both God shall exalt, and men shall honour, those that humble themselves, both to men, condescending to those of low degree, and to their work, thinking not the meanest ministry to souls a work beneath them.