Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 24:14 - 24:14

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 24:14 - 24:14

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So saith Mark, Mar_13:10. Some think that the end mentioned in the close of this verse refers to the destruction of Jerusalem; others, that it refers to the day of judgment. If we take world (as it is often taken) for the Gentiles in opposition to the Jews, synecdochically, the whole being put for a great part, it is most certain, that before Jerusalem was destroyed, the gospel, which is here called the gospel of the kingdom, either because it shows the way to the kingdom of God, or because it is that sacred instrument by which Christ subdueth men’s hearts to himself, was preached to the world, that is, to the Gentiles, and that to a great part of them. Paul alone had carried it from Jerusalem to Illyricum. The Romans’ faith was spoken of throughout the world, Rom_1:8. Paul saith it was preached to every creature, Col_1:23 Rom_10:18 15:16 Col_1:6 1Ti_3:16. But others choose by the end here to understand the end of the world.